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How To Clean A Brick Fireplace?

A brick fireplace can be a beautiful addition to any living space. But it’s important to know how to clean your brick fireplace so that you can enjoy your new decorating element. This will teach you what supplies and tools you need, how to prepare the fireplace for cleaning, and all of the best ways to clean it. However, it’s important to note that if you’re unsure about how to clean your type of fireplace, you should consult a fireplace professional before beginning.

How To Clean A Brick Fireplace

how to clean brick fireplace

Supplies needed:

* Water

* Mop

* Baking soda

* Spray bottle with water

* Scrub brush or toothbrush

* Bucket

* Safety Goggles

* Rubber gloves

* Vacuum cleaner

* HEPA filter

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1. Put on your safety glasses, rubber gloves, and cover any exposed skin that will be near the fireplace. Make sure you don’t wear dark clothing while doing this. 2. Fill a bucket with one gallon of water and 2 cups of chlorine bleach.

3. Wearing your rubber gloves, dip a scrub brush into the water and start scrubbing the bricks until they are clean. You may have to brush them more than once depending on how dirty they are. Be sure not to let them dry out while you are cleaning them.

4. Rinse the masonry cleaner off of the bricks with a garden hose.

5. Mix up another bucket of one gallon of water and 2 cups of bleach, but use this last mixture to rinse the fireplace with after you have scrubbed it down.

6. Fill up your bucket with one gallon of water and 1 cup of vinegar. This is to be used for your final rinse with.

7. Rinse the masonry cleaner off of the bricks with a bucket of water and vinegar mixed together.

8. Let the fireplace dry completely before you use it again.

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Things to consider before cleaning brick fireplace:

1. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves to protect your eyes and skin from chemical reactions that may happen with the products you are using to clean the fireplace.

2. If you have a solid brick fireplace, only use this solution on about one square foot at a time as it may harm the mortar between the bricks if it is exposed to it for too long.

3. Make sure you rinse all of the chemicals off of the bricks completely before using the fireplace again as the chemicals may cause damage to wood and other flammable objects it comes in contact with.

4. If you have a gas-fed fireplace, make sure that there is no moisture left on the bricks as this may cause problems with the fireplace.

5. If you use a solid brick fireplace, make sure to only clean the surface of it and not get any of this solution on the mortar that holds the bricks together as it may seep into your fireplace through any cracks in the bricks damaging your masonry work over time.

6. If you have a solid brick fireplace, do not let the bricks dry out before you start this process as it could cause damage to your fireplace. Read now: How to remove rust stains from plastic tub

There are many risks that come with cleaning brick fireplaces. This is not something that should be taken lightly. Make sure to know what kind of fireplace you have before beginning this process and make sure you only use the products outlined in this article for safety purposes. Remember, these chemicals can cause damage to your skin if you don’t wear gloves, so it is recommended to wear both safety glasses and rubber gloves.

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