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Many years after its premiere, Fight Club went through a revaluation process that changed the general impression that it had of it to positively influence filmmakers and screenwriters, it is possible that as the 21st century was launched, Fincher’s criticism the consumer society through this film became effective and now, almost 20 years away, it is one of the most transgressive works so far this century. Today we share best movies like fight club.

Although initially it was not well received by critics and had an incipient success at the box office, Fincher’s subversive tape, tells through a black and satirical humor, a complex story that delves into the most superficial of human consciousness and criticizes the existing social conventions, the tastes we consider original and the economic system itself, creating a sharp reflection of modernity and the emptiness on which the future of society is built; All this has a dark and uniform photograph that creates the atmosphere of secrecy that the script demands.

These are 10 movies you will love and you shouldn’t miss watching if you liked Fight Club:

1. The Three Faces of Eve 1957 Nunnally Johnsonmovies like fight club

It tells the story of a housewife with dissociative identity disorder (as well as Tyler Durden in Fight Club), who leads a boring and peaceful life until she begins to show symptoms such as recurrent fainting and memory loss due to lapses without any apparent reason. When visiting the psychologist, he realizes that he has two other personalities. It is also Eva Black and at the same time Jane, who will help him solve his problem.

2. Taxi Driver (1976) – Martin Scorsesemovies like fight club

The tape that catapulted Scorsese’s career tells of Bickle’s obsession, an ex-military taxi driver seriously disturbed by the emptiness of his life and the filthiness of his past, who after being obsessed with a woman who works in an important political campaign, tries to protect to a minor prostitute of the filth of life.

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3. Psycho (1960) – Alfred Hitchcockmovies like fight club

A masterpiece of suspense cinema. Psycho tells the story of Marion Crane, a young secretary who flees after stealing $ 40,000 from her boss, staying in a mysterious hotel where some strange events occur that end with a tragic end.

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4. Trainspotting (1996) – Danny Boylemovies like fight club

The story of a group of friends addicted to heroin, rejected by society and without interest to be an active part of it. Everyone seems to be doomed to decay except Mark Renton, who tries to get out of the almost drawn path to perdition in the world of drugs.

5. American Psycho (2000) – Mary Harronmovies like fight club

Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, he tells the story of Patrick Bateman, a wealthy New York businessman who finds his life monotonous full of luxuries, until he realizes the psychological disorder that leads him to become a serial killer, hiding his other personality under the high society suit that characterizes him.

6. Choke (2008) – Clark Greggmovies like fight club

Another novel by Chuck Palahniuk taken to the cinema; A sex addict who has economic problems and must complete his income by cheating people in fancy restaurants. Where he pretends to be drowning to generate compassion in other diners and get some money for it.

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7. Snatch (2000) – Guy Ritchiemovies like fight club

Located in the underworld of the Mafia in London, Ritchie’s second film presents a complex. And vertiginous plot between gangsters and criminals competing for the achievement of a precious diamond.

8. Persona (1966) – Ingmar Bergmanmovies like fight club

Feature film by the renowned Swedish director, “Persona” tells the story of an intense relationship between a theater actress who mysteriously lost her speech and her nurse, through which the limits of reason and human consciousness are explored.

9. The Graduate (1967) – Mike Nicholsmovies like fight club

The romance story of Benjamin, a young graduate, with an older woman and then with his daughter. It has been mentioned in different interviews as one of Fincher’s favorite films because of the sensations that he produces during the end of adolescence when he enters the world of adults forever and the dissonance caused by the morals of the Robinson family in the film.

10. The Game (1997) – David Finchermovies like fight club

The film before Fincher’s Fight Club tells the story of a wealthy banker who receives a gift as peculiar. As it is mysterious: a game that is gradually being integrated into his reality. And that will confuse him to such a degree that he loses the notion between real life and the game.

“Fight Club” entered the history of cinema with an intelligent script that tries to penetrate the viewer into the human mind through Norton, the “normal man”, who questions everything he believed to be true when he met Tyler Durden that takes the transgressive part of the tape and bitterly criticizes American society. The tape caused stinging in the United States. Where it was considered a direct affront to the “American way of life”; however, from a distance, it is possible to look again at “Fight Club” repeatedly in all its splendor.

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