Nature documentaries are as beneficial as meditation

If you’re looking for ways to feel more relaxed and improve your mental well-being, you should tune into a nature documentary.

We are all subjected to huge amounts of media every day and we should be more mindful of how our mind is being impacted. This includes TV shows, movies, books, magazines and radio. This constant barrage has a significant effect on our feelings, beliefs, thoughts and perspectives. This is why it’s important to focus on the good and try to avoid the bad.

Following research by the University of California and BBC Earth, it turns out that one of the best things to watch to boost your mood is a nature documentary.

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The research involved asking 7,500 volunteers to watch short clips of news, a popular drama and then a nature documentary. The findings demonstrated that feelings of awe, contentment, curiosity and wonder were reported after seeing the nature documentary. They reported feeling less anxious, tired and stressed when watching the nature clip. There are many other studies that also report how beneficial it is for people to spend time in nature.

Some of these other studies included one that demonstrated how walking in nature reduces feelings of depression. Bird-watching in your own garden can lessen feelings of anxiety and even just listening to the sounds of nature has a relaxing, comforting effect.

With the huge benefits of being in nature clear to see, it’s also clear why even just watching a nature documentary on your TV or smartphone is enough to invoke similar feelings of contentment. Don’t miss any of the BBC’s top nature documentaries due to problems with your TV. For Bath TV Aerial repair, visit steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials-repair-installation-bath

Most people who watch nature documentaries report feeling uplifted and inspired. It’s fascinating to see the way different animals live, how each adapts to its unique environment and what they must endure to survive. A great nature show will make you cry, make you laugh and then lift you up with the incredible beauty of the planet.

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Nature documentaries have the power to let you step outside your world of modern living and re-introduce you to the wonder of the natural world again. You experience feelings of awe, a little like being a child again when you see how amazing nature is. These feelings are perfect for helping us to forget our daily worries, such as work, school or family commitments. They help you see the bigger picture and to put things into perspective.

The next time you’re feeling a little tired, grumpy, stressed or generally fed-up, find a nature programme and you’ll soon be filled with inspiration and positivity.

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