Safe Drive, Save Lives: Use Alcohol Interlocks

The ignition circuit of a car is wired to an alcohol breathalyser interlock. Ignition interlocks, in reality, impair the driver. An alcohol interlock is a breathalyser or breath testing device attached to the ignition circuit of a vehicle. BAC (breath alcohol level) is measured before the driver starts the car using this device. Ignition interlocks, in reality, impair the driver. The gadget prevents drivers from driving after they have consumed more alcohol than the legal limit because it jeopardises their safety. Since it efficiently prohibits individuals from driving after drinking, the gadget is highly recommended. An increase in road safety is achieved as a result of this.

What is the procedure for using an alcohol interlock device?

Interlock devices compel drivers to blow into them before starting their vehicles, and the readings from these devices indicate their BAC levels. If the reading exceeds the permissible limit, the driver will not start the car. Alcohol interlock blocks the car from starting for at least 5-30 minutes if the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over the legal limit. This is done to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

The gadget will ask the driver to take another breath test after three minutes to restart the car. A new test isn’t necessary if the vehicle has been halted and restarted promptly. Additionally, using alcohol interlocks devices necessitates random retests for drivers behind the wheel. The motorist will need to blow into the gadget once again. This time interval allows the driver to complete the required retest while the car remains stationary. In this case, the motorist may continue driving if the measurements reflect a smaller range of values. Rolling retests are another term for this functionality.

A device training course

With the help of skilled installers, you can be sure that your car will be fitted with alcohol interlocks that will be used appropriately and maintained. After a brief presentation of the device’s capabilities, the installers provide their previous experience. At the installation time, the participant’s spouse, partner, or other family members may also undergo training. A lack of skill about how to properly blow into the device or follow the manufacturer’s instructions might lead to malfunctions or even put your life in danger.

How to keep it working properly

Like any other machinery or equipment, alcohol interlocks have to be checked and serviced regularly. At least once a month, drivers need to visit the installation location to service and calibrate the device, which they can do perfectly. The device will be inspected to ensure proper functioning, and the previous month’s data-logger logs will be retrieved and transmitted to the Registrar during maintenance.

The licenced installation will also undertake a visual assessment of the vehicle and the wiring used to connect the device to the ignition circuit. This guarantees that it has not been tampered with or circumvents the system.

Can it be overridden?

You cannot tamper with the interlock since it is checked regularly by an authorised installer, who can tell whether the device has been tampered with. Tamper Proof seals covering all of the device’s connections will also be included in the gadget. It will be checked during regular maintenance.

This device’s control module is permanently attached to the vehicle, which guarantees that all events are recorded even when the power supply to the unit is disrupted. It is expected that the participant will explain any recorded incidents. To guarantee that only natural human breath is used for the analysis, its sensory mechanism has been built to reject fraudulent samples. Random retests on the device after service may readily identify “kerbside” aided beginnings, such as drinking while driving and ingesting alcohol while the car is running.

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