The stuffed potato is one of the easiest dishes to elaborate and most succor. This recipe can be made in just 7 minutes.

The potato is great food in general, however, in time of weight loss, it becomes more relevant. This food has a low caloric density, so it will help us in adherence and satiety in a hypocaloric nutritional plan. In addition, this food is rich in complex carbohydrates, with which we will have a more sustained release of energy.

On the other hand, with the filling we have chosen, we will have a nutritionally complete meal since we will cover the different macronutrients. Here is the stuffed potato recipe.

Calories and distribution of macronutrientsSTUFFED POTATO RECIPE

This recipe is intended for a single serving (although it will depend on the size of the potato chosen). The complete potato contains 364 kcal, with the following distribution of macronutrients:

 Values corresponding to a 300g potato with the filling proposed in this recipe.

-Easy Difficulty
-Single dish
-Time 7 minutes


-1 large potato
-40g of turkey breast 0% fat
-30g light mayonnaise (2 tablespoons)
-1 can of tuna
-Sweet corn
-Black pepper (optional)



-First, we will look for the potato of a large size so that we can fill it. Afterward, we wash it well, we make some holes with the fork and wrap it in plastic wrap.

-Once this is done, we introduce it to the microwave. The duration will vary according to us like the potato more made or less. However, estimated time is usually 5-6 minutes.

-It should be noted that we could also make the potato in the oven, however, in the microwave, it will be much faster.


-While the potato is being made, we will proceed to prepare the filling ingredients.

-To do this, cut the turkey breast, lettuce, and olives into small pieces.

-Once these ingredients are cut, we will throw them in a bowl along with the rest of the ingredients.


-Once the potato is ready, we take it out on a plate, cut it in half and open it in the form of a book. Now, we will add a pinch of salt and pepper (optional).

-Finally, with a spoon we will make a few grooves in the halves of the potato, to finally add the filling in it.

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