The wonders of Pendragon Castle

When you say the name Pendragon there is generally only one person you think of the once and future king of the Britons Arthur. There is a lot debate about whether Arthur existed or not. After the Roman legions left to defend Roman the Centurions and Generals made a point of telling the Romanised Britons that they wouldn’t be back anytime soon, and it might be an idea to look to their own defences. The Romano-Britons decided to ask the Saxons to defend the coast. They liked the job so much they decided to stay and even told their rivals the Angles and Jutes how great it was, so they came over to. As the populace lost the skills to right and record things the Dark Ages beckoned. It’s thought of as being a time of war and constant conflict and although that’s being increasingly challenged as it seemed that in fact the Britons and the newcomers mixed, inter married and traded quite happily. The expansion of the Saxons, Angles and Jutes seems to have been checked for many years and this is attributed to Arthur.  He was a noble, brave and kind man, his Dad on the other hand was not so much. The legend is centred around South Wales, but the home of Uther is reputed to be far to the North in Cumbria and Pendragon Castle. It is in a bit of a state and it might have been an idea for Uther to consider going back to huis home land and use a Skip Hire Swansea based company like http://pendragoncarmarthenshire.co.uk/

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The site of Pendragon Castle is set in the glorious Cumbria countryside and near the Village of Kirby Stephen. It is said to be the ancestral home of the Pendragons. The Town is outside the Lake District and is at the top end of the Pennine Range with the Yorkshire Dales to the North. The Castle sits on a hill top and has commanding views. It is a Square stone design and there is not much left of it unfortunately. There is a reason for that a raiding Army from Scotland burnt it down.  The Pendragon legend says that Uther founded the castle as a defence against the Saxon invaders. They sneaky poisoned the Well and Uther was killed. This is a little at odds with other stories of his demise such as by ambush in Wales by the Duke of Cornwall’s men after Uther had slept with his wife using Merlin’s magic to change his appearance.

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Sadly, there is little evidence of all this as the earliest indications from archaeology show it was built as a fort by the Romans first and then changed into a more modern castle by the Normans. It was burnt down by the Scots though, that bit is confirmed. It’s on private land but access is granted.

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