Top Tips To Choose Your First Australian Sex Doll

When you want to have your sexual urges pleased, you would usually go to a strip club and see all different women dance for you. Men have the option to go to well-known strip clubs in Australia, including The Palace Strip Club, Men’s Gallery, and Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club. There are also strip clubs for women such as the Bada Bing, Gurlesque, and The Met that offer a wide range of services.

However, the pandemic has closed off all entertainment establishments, which includes strip clubs. That is why many prefer buying sex dolls in australia so that they do not have to leave the safety of their own home. Ensure you keep in mind several helpful tips if you want to purchase your first sex doll perfectly.

Tip #1: Consider the Sex Doll’s Material

One tip to keep in mind when searching for a sex doll in Australia is determining its material. You can find that there are at least two types of materials that sex dolls often use; silicone or Thermoplastic Elastomer, or TPE. Sex doll manufacturers have the option to choose between the two materials because both can almost mimic the same feel and texture of human skin.

If you choose sex dolls in Australia made from TPE, you can find that they are affordable and achieve a super soft feel, almost resembling real human flesh. But if you plan on bringing your sex dolls to a hot bath with you, the silicone would be the best choice since it can handle hotter temperatures. It will not matter if you choose one over the other because you can prolong their lifespan with proper care and cleaning.

Tip #2: Consider the Sex Doll’s Weight and Size

Another tip you need to remember when buying the best sex dolls australia has to offer is determining their size and weight. Note that there are different sex doll sizes perfect for some men who need to feel like they are holding a real woman. Choosing the correct size is also essential because people might want to position them in different positions, so their bodies must be proportionate to suit their needs.

You can choose between half or full-size Australian sex dolls. A half-sized sex doll usually shows only their private parts, eliminating the head, legs, and arms. The full-sized sex doll gives the user a more lifelike feel since they have all of the complete body parts of a person, making the experience more authentic.

If you have a small body structure and want a full-sized sex doll, make sure that you choose a size and weight equal to or less than your body’s weight. You might have a hard time using it since it is too big or heavy for your standards, negatively affecting your mood. Most traditional sex dolls in Australia usually weigh around 40kg, perfect for an average-sized person to use.

Tip #3: Figure Out Your Budget

Most full-sized Australian sex dolls will cost you around $2,000 or more, depending on their build and quality. If you only want to experience the pleasure of sex, you may be better off buying half-sized sex dolls that would go for under a thousand dollars.

Make sure you get the perfect sex dolls in australia because they will be with you for a long time. It also saves you the hassle of sending it back and waiting for the right one to arrive.

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