Different types of kisses

Wants to know different types of kisses? The men of science have determined that by kissing we move around 30 muscles of the face, exchange about 300 colonies of bacteria, release an inaccurate amount of hormones and increase our heart rate.

There are different types of kisses, among them are the following:

The dry kiss: it is the simple kiss when the lips of one against the other are supported.

Hollywood kiss: types of kisseswhen kissing, one tilts the other back, as if inviting him to be more comfortable and preparing him for what awaits him. This style prevailed in the films of the 50s and became a classic, although it is not very common among couples is still very romantic.

The sucking kiss: to practice it, the woman has to take between her lips the lower lip of her partner to introduce it into her mouth, while he exerts a sucking movement.

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French or tongue kiss: types of kissesit consists of the woman touching the lips of the man with her tongue and then inserting it into the mouth of her partner and vice versa.

The side kiss: is performed when each of the members of the couple turns their head in opposite directions to kiss.

The squeeze kiss: refers when a person presses his lips tightly against his partner’s lower lip.

The kiss of your one and I the other: it is about the man kissing the woman’s upper lip while she kisses his lower lip.

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The kiss takes everything: one member of the couple takes the lips of the other between their lips.

The passionate tongue kiss: The couple introduces their respective tongue into the mouth of the opposite touching the teeth to the palate.

I kiss you: in this case, you wait for one of the two to initiate the act of kissing and the other continues to reach a frantic pace.

The hunter kiss: this is when the couple plays that each one tries to catch with their lips the lower lip of the other.

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