5 inevitable couple phases in every relationship

5 inevitable couple of phases in every relationship. Have you ever wondered at the time of choosing the wedding dress which phase of your life was your couple? Have you ever associated the differences in tastes for wedding favors with one of those old quarrels made in the past where neither of them wanted to sell? If the wedding invitations have been sent. And now everything is planned, all you have to do is relax and enjoy an article that talks about couple dynamics divided by phase.

First phase: a blinding idyll. I have you5 inevitable couple phases in every relationship

Unbelievable how perfect is the moment when you discover that love exists. It is real and you have been privileged to find it. At this stage everything is rosy. The passion is skyrocketing, the messages full of phrases of love are the order of the day. And the idea of being away is perceived as a real dive to the heart. At your side, there really seems to be your half of the apple. Together you feel invincible so much as to cultivate this perfect dyad, excluding everything else: from interests to the family; from individual passions to friends.

All that is missing at this stage is time. Because the one dedicated to yourself always seems to be too little. The duration of this phase is really very short. And is experienced at a very high intensity so as to cloud whatever happens around you. If it is love or just a flash in the pan. It will be the second phase to say it. It is one of the best tips a couple phases in every relationship.

Second phase: synonyms and antonyms. Me vs You5 inevitable couple phases in every relationship

Once the idyll has been completed where one is filled with compliments and dedications. The phase dedicated to power struggles comes like a hurricane. The more irrational and overwhelming side gradually leaves the place to the more meticulous one. The first faults begin to appear, the first annoyances. Those sides of the character that if they first repressed themselves. Or did not give any problem. Today they seem rocky and insurmountable mountains. It is one of the best tips a couple phases in every relationship.

Little tolerance, little patience. And little willingness to compromise so much as to trigger that annoying mechanism of the couple’s struggle made of stakes. Bullying and a lot of nostalgia in remembering those idyllic months to which we cling with such regret almost disillusioned by the idea of gradually discovered a different person than was believed. The duration is variable, we can also talk about several months. And the more this phase tends to drag on, the more the chances of the couple’s relationship crumbling, which is why we need to find a solution.

Third phase: looking for stability. I + You5 inevitable couple phases in every relationship

From this tunnel made of raw reality, without the dazzling idyllic filter. Light can have two different and opposite directions. Let go because maybe the points on which you disagree are just the different visions of life. And neither is willing to compromise or put a point and … build;

construct a new relationship, a new understanding where the foundations are represented by the essential values for the couple. And life while all around them revolve the themes or the character sides on which necessarily an agreement must be found. It is one of the best tips a couple phases in every relationship.

The dialogue starts to start again. Striving to open the mind to welcome the vision of the other. To accept his attitudes, his reactions. The sentences dictated by selfishness. And tension gives way to romantic phrases. But to start all this requires time and maturity

Fourth phase: promises that they know of commitment. I + You = We5 inevitable couple phases in every relationship

This phrase usually has a very precise beginning: It starts with the “reconquest of the beloved”. From the desire not to bring everything back to the initial phase. But to reclaim the mutual esteem, of a missed communication. Of a dialogue that was believed lost. Organizing maybe some travel together, dinners or simply giving you bouquets of flowers.. It is one of the best tips a couple phases in every relationship.

This phase smells of cohabitation, of buying a house. Of phrases for the promise of marriage, of projects and of the desire to grow together because despite everything, despite the crises, the adversities, the character differences. We chose each other not with the desire to change. But with the idea of going on a journey together called life.

Fifth phase: between birth and rebirth. 1 + 1 = 35 inevitable couple phases in every relationship

Thus the couple faces its evolutionary path. An evolution that very often is completed with the opening to life: the arrival of a child, the foster care, the adoption of a child, an animal or simply the opening to the world in its most complete meaning. Radical changes in the life of the individual and of the relationship that has the taste of rebirth, of a new awareness: the couple is ready to open up, to sacrifice time, attention. Personal interests to make room for a new life.

An important and special step where every new obstacle must be faced with very large complicity. And hard-won couple strength. Symbiosis and understanding go hand in hand. But not as in the initial stage but together with the ingredients of maturity and confidence. It is one of the best tips a couple phases in every relationship.

With the fourth stage the circle is not closed, indeed, the phases can be repeated, alternated, exchanged. Or even never reached total fulfillment. Many couples, in fact, welcome a child before having pronounced sentences for marriage. Just as many other couples decide to surrender. And consciously share their own paths. Ultimately, ask those who utter sentences for 50 years of marriage what the secret of eternal love is!

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