10 Proven Customer Service Strategies

On the surface of things, customer service doesn’t seem that important, and you should focus more on the product or service that you’re selling. However, if your customer service is unhelpful and doesn’t satisfy customers, you’ll most likely start to lose your business after some time. Customer service is what keeps the number of unhappy customers to a minimum.

That is precisely why it has to be effective. Of course, your product does most of the work. Customer service is one of those things where there is no definite line. You can always deliver customer service more effectively. The easiest way to learn those tactics is to follow a brand that has excellent customer service.

Quantum Fiber customer service is an excellent example in this regard. Their promptness and professionalism are one of the best we’ve seen in this business. That is probably why the number of positive Quantum Fiber reviews is growing. So, here are ten proven customer service strategies that can help your business grow faster in 2023.

1.     Know Your Customers and Product

Knowing the product allows your customer service representatives to interact with your customers confidently because they know the product inside and out. It also helps foster trust between the customer and your brand.

This can be achieved by rigorous training of your customer service representatives. Moreover, they can discuss the benefits and limitations of your product and help the customer find the right fit for their needs.

2.     Omni-channel Communication

Aberdeen Group concluded in a report around omnichannel communication that 89% of the brands experienced increased retention and a 9.5% year-over-year annual revenue increase. What this means is that you should be trying to reach your customers on every digital and physical channel. That doesn’t mean smothering them, but they should always be able to find you if they need you. This includes physical locations, mobile channels, social media platforms, and more.

3.     Round-the-Clock Support

Successful customer service runs round-the-clock since the issues don’t stop at 6 pm on weekdays. A customer could even face an issue on Christmas morning, and your customer service needs to be there to resolve their query. You can allocate dedicated resources to make your customer service accessible 24/7.

4.     Transparency and Data Privacy

Transparency is often viewed as a sign of quality, and superior brand ethics. If you’re conducting your business openly, a customer can assume that you have full confidence in your product and that you’ve got nothing to hide.

5.     Try to Win Customer Loyalty

Transparency can very well lead to customer loyalty. Although it’s not the only factor and you will need to adopt additional measures to achieve that. It also means that you don’t make steep promises that are hard to keep or conceal information just to get a sale, because that will ultimately result in customers turning to some other business.

6.     Always Get Feedback

You can try implementing a feedback system that asks customers to rate the experience at the end of each call or chat session. This will help you identify problem areas where you need to focus most. It’s very likely for most businesses to lose sight of what’s important and what challenges their customers might face and that could be detrimental to your business.

7.     Market Research

Setting up periodic market research will help you stay ahead of the curve. Sometimes your competitors can introduce some things that you couldn’t think of, but would greatly benefit the customers. Additionally, you could conduct surveys to understand how customers’ needs are evolving.

8.     Use of Technology

The use of AI has found its way into customer service as well. Many companies nowadays have chatbots and automated self-help sections where customers can get help without talking to a human customer service representative. Several companies have developed AI products that can easily be integrated into your business.

9.     Exceeding Customers’ Expectations

Harvard Business Review published an article, “Stop trying to delight your customers” which explored the possibility that you don’t need to go above and beyond for your customers. In fact, they don’t expect this and simply need a solution to their problem. You can simply meet their expectations and they’ll likely stay with you.

10. Keep Your Customers Engaged

According to a survey, most customers believe that businesses don’t care about them. It’s not that you should ask how their day was, but you should follow up on a query they raised and ask if they’d like further assistance. It’s important to understand that good reviews will result in your customer recommending your product and service to their friends and family.


These are some of the best customer service tips you can follow to accelerate the growth of your business. Be sure to seek feedback on the changes you have implemented. That way you can track the progress and make changes until you find the optimal solution.

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