5 good reasons for travel to Spain

Hot, sunny, sea and beaches! These are few magic words may already have made you dream of walking on the street of Spain and booking the next flight to Madrid for a spring break or you have option to plan your luxury tours of Spain and Portugal with eatourspecialist.com.

Here we got 5 good reasons to consider Spain as one of the possible destinations for your next vacation. Spain is the third country in the world for the number of declared heritage sites of UNESCO. So let’s see the reasons to start discovering España.


Walking through the streets of any Spanish city, one can easily realize how rich history is. You will find artifacts dating back to the Roman Empire but also cave paintings and prehistoric remains. We advise you not to miss the palace of Alhambra (UNESCO heritage) if you are in Granada, while the monuments of Menorca and Altamira are of great historical importance, if you are fond of prehistory. Near the city of Burgos instead, at the archaeological site of Atapuerca, you will find the oldest evidence of human DNA.

The Art

Spain is rich in art, and offers wonders in abundance for all tastes. If you are in the capital and you are passionate about art, you cannot avoid discovering the works at the Prado Museum. If you love Dalì’s surrealism, go to the Figueres museum dedicated to him, take advantage of the opportunity to visit nearby Girona. Does anyone prefer Picasso? Then in Malaga and Barcelona you will find exhibitions and exhibitions through which you can immerse yourself in all its “periods”. Spectacular for architecture and collections the Guggenheim by Frank O. Gehry in Bilbao and The City of Arts and Sciences, by Calatrava. Instead, choosing a travel itinerary between Catalonia and Galicia, visit numerous Romanesque churches of great artistic value.


The Spanish master for many and certainly Gaudì, how to blame them. Stroll through the luxuriant and stunning Parc Güell, admire the spectacular Casa Milà and Casa Batlló residences independent of your faith, wait for the right light and lose yourself in the thousand colors of the Sagrada Familia that will leave you breathless.

The Food

If you are tired of bitterballen and stamppot, in any area of Spain you will find yourself, you will be spoiled for choice among the different typical proposals. As well as the mouthwatering for the excellent aromas that are released in the Mediterranean sun, until late at night. Paella Valenciana or de marisco, countless varieties of tapas, tortilla de patatas, tasty Jamon Serrano, fresh gazpacho, and then churros, Catalan cream and much more. It is permissible to consider organizing a trip, aimed solely at discovering gastronomic goodness.

The Holidays

Mediterranean people and warm, festive and welcoming. The fun will certainly be a constant during your Spanish stay. Festivals of all kinds and tastes are organized, including: Las Hogueras de San Juan, the Fireworks Festival of Valencia, Las Fallas and La Feria de Malaga. Interesting is the La Tomatino festival in the city of Bunol, dedicated to tomatoes. But in general all the big cities of the country offer a famous and appreciated nightlife, in any day of the year and don’t forget that Madrid’s second name is “la ciudad que nunca duerme”.

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