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Healthy breakfasts ideas: 8 quick and easy to prepare

We give you 8 healthy breakfasts ideas, easy and quick to prepare breakfasts, with recipes that include nutritious and complete foods to start the day well. Whatever the nutritional plan we follow, there is a criterion that is true: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, it is also the food that we skip the most by leaving home in a hurry.

Breakfast is essential for our body to get all the energy our body needs during the day. We want to show you 8 ideas of healthy, quick and easy to prepare breakfasts, with which you will not want to skip this meal.

Healthy breakfasts ideas, do not skip it!

eating breakfast

A healthy breakfast is essential for our body to function well. According to the behavior of our biological clock, we must feed at the latest an hour after awakening, because every organ of our body needs nutrients to start again with its operation and we also need the energy to perform our activities.

If someone ever told you that if you skip breakfast, the body takes energy from the excess fat, this is false. Our body does take essential nutrients and energy from other parts of our body, but not from adipose tissue, but from tissues, muscles and other parts that end up deteriorating over time. It is essential that you make a healthy breakfast every morning without fail.

Now, that we eat more during breakfast also implies that we eat well and choose nutritious food so that it truly is a healthy breakfast. Here are 8 healthy breakfast ideas, complete and quick to prepare.

8 Healthy breakfasts ideas to prepare

What you must remember when deciding on the foods of your healthy breakfast is that they include protein, fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates, that is, those that have fiber and provide nutrients.

In this sense, croissants, donuts, cakes, and some cookies are far from being a healthy breakfast, as they only provide energy in the form of sugar but without nutrients. You can replace them with this list of healthy breakfasts that we recommend below.

1. Avocado toast

Avocado toast

If you are a fan of avocado toast, this is an excellent choice to make a healthy breakfast. You only need a slice of whole wheat bread, avocado, and boiled eggs or feta cheese, the option you prefer. This way you will get nutrients from all the food groups you need.

2. Healthy sandwiches


If you need a quick, healthy breakfast recipe and you can take it with you to eat on the way, a well-armed bikini is an option. You should select the ingredients perfectly.

Take two peieces of bread and assemble 2 or 3 slices of turkey breast and 2 slices of defatted cheese. You can also change the turkey for chicken if you prefer. Accompany with a fruit of your choice or a natural orange juice (no box or with additives), and you will have ready your healthy breakfast on the go.

3. Omelet


Eggs are always an excellent option to build our healthy meals. Add vegetalbes in your omelet. You can accompany it with toast and fresh orange juice or a fruit that you like. So, you will have a full and balanced breakfast.

4. Serrano ham sandwich

ham sandwich

If your life is not the same without eating a sandwich, we have left this breakfast option for you, but you will have to choose it healthily. This means that you should make your sandwich on whole grain bread and small, with ham and if you like, with tomato.

5. Smoked salmon toast

Smoked salmon toast

Another delicious toast that will only take a few minutes to prepare your healthy breakfast is the smoked salmon toast. For this, you need a toast of wholemeal bread, which you can spread with a bit of defatted cream cheese, and mount a few slices of smoked salmon. Accompany with a fruit juice and coffee or tea.

6. Yogurt with fruit and chia seeds

Yogurt with fruit and chia seeds

This other option of healthy breakfast easy to prepare and that you can take with you. You can prepare a bowl of yogurt with the kind of chopped fruit you prefer and a handful of chia seeds, to give you healthy fat. Put everything in an airtight container and enjoy it on the road. Yes, try that the yogurt is not sugar, so you do not consume too many calories.

7. Porridge


The famous dish known as porridge is another healthy breakfast option. It is also super nutritious and gives you lots of fiber, being flakes that are what you are eating.

Simply put the oat flakes in a saucepan with a small amount of animal or vegetable milk, whichever you prefer. Let cook until the texture looks creamy and plentiful. Serve on a plate, add a pinch of ground cinnamon and add the fruit you prefer. English tea or coffee goes perfectly with the porridge.

A trick: If you want to replace the milk with water, you will have the same texture, the delicious taste of oats and it will give you less fat.

8. Egg and mushroom burrito

Egg and mushroom burrito

With the eggs you can also prepare a kind of burrito, to have a super healthy breakfast. Cook the eggs as like as thin tortilla and in another pan cook the mushrooms to your liking. Then wrap the mushrooms with the tortilla, as if making a burrito, and have breakfast. Complement with fruit or natural orange juice and tea or coffee if you prefer.

There is a popular saying that says we should “eat breakfast like kings and dine like beggars.” That’s exactly what we should do with healthy breakfasts ideas. It is the time of day when the body needs many more nutrients and energy that we burn during the day.

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