Is Netflix the best app to watch series and movies?

The consumer mentality changes at times, now they are searching for the best App to watch series and movies. ┬áNow is the time that increasingly more streaming platforms are contracted with which viewers can access content such as movies, series or documentaries at any time. If we look back and analyze today’s consumer, we see that currently, the cinematographic productions do not have as much notoriety as years ago. This phenomenon is due to the appearance of new television consumption as the series.

The series has become a second-rate audiovisual product, to replace the large film productions, such as cinema. One of the great causes and geniuses of this great change is the app for Android and iOS, called Netflix.

best App to watch Series

Still, do not know Netflix?

Many consumers of TV content to watch their favorite series use Netflix. This Netflix app can be used for Android and iOS of fashion, which is sweeping so far. This new app for Android and iOS offers a catalog of movies and series to watch unlimitedly on any device with internet.

Netflix is undoubtedly the platform with the greatest popularity worldwide. Many of his series such as Narcos, La Casa de Papel or Breaking Bad are some of the Netflix series that have given him the most fame. This new app also produces content in the US to then import it to other countries, and also performs its own content production in some countries where it has already landed. One of these countries is Spain, Las Chicas del Cable, one of Netflix’s most popular series in 2017. The evaluation of its contents has been seen positively in other countries, making it position as the main competitor in the field of platforms streaming.

best App to watch Series

Netflix the best app to watch series and movies

The Android app is one of the first references that consumers have when they want to see a series they already know or a premiere. For the viewer, it is wonderful to be able to visualize updated content, of your liking and with a cost starting from $ 7.99 per month. There are other rates, which allow the viewer to enjoy its content, there being the possibility that a member of your family or friend can view the same content on the same day and at the same time. This is possible because the platform allows a maximum of six devices to be connected in the same account.

best App to watch Series

Netflix has come to stay in the mind of the consumer for a long time. Thanks to the app developers for Android and iOS, who have looked for ways that we the viewers can see series on the mobile for free or at a price not very high.

Enjoy and download the best App to watch series and movies without limits, both on Android and iOS!

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