8 different colors for the bedroom that help you sleep better

Different colors-The  bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, because like our bathroom, it is made for rest and relaxation. In this place we take refuge after a long day of work or study, here we relax, read a book, or simply doze off to rest. But an important part of this place is light and color. Yes! Because although it costs us to believe the color is vital to start the day with good energy.

Sober tones

For those who like sober, dark and elegant rooms, gray can be an excellent alternative for walls and even the floor, apart from the finish, it nourishes with sophistication and style any space.

With a cheerful  colors

best different colors

A good way to give color and joy to this room is through the furniture, for this we can use the closet, the tables or a chest of drawers, as shown in the image above.

With a vibrant touch

If you are one of those who love color, oranges or reddish different colors are vibrant colors that illuminate even the darkest corner of your piece. The best thing is that with a good distribution you can achieve an attractive and very relaxing space. In this case, the orange reds are a key that give joy, fun and enthusiasm to the space.

Charming details

For people who have more classic tastes and find it hard to leave the radiant white, an idea like this can convince them little by little to change the style. The best of all is that you can achieve a change with a low budget.

The ideal color

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Not only white promotes relaxation in a room, so can beige and creams in all its ranges. In addition, this type of tonalities visually expand the space and allow light to reflect better on its walls. Like white, beige is associated with the tranquility and passivity of a space, being one of the favorite tones for places like the piece, the bathroom or the living room.

And if the color is focused on the accessories?

The accessories are a novel, easy and very attractive way to give color and light to your piece, within the possibilities the textiles and the pictures are par excellence the best options. For this it will be enough to choose a color that contrasts with the background tone.

The pastel shades are also an alternative to illuminate and color the space. Unlike the vibrant ones, these warm different colors are ideal for relaxing and enjoying a nap day in the room.

A wall in deep blue

It will not always be necessary to add color throughout the room, sometimes it will be enough to add color to a single wall. To do this, choose the color calmly and check that it complements the rest of the room, so you will achieve a harmonious and well executed result. If you like blue, we tell you that this color despite belonging to the cold range, is a shade that provides peace and tranquility anywhere.

8 different colors that illuminate your home and make it look bigger

the different colors

The walls of our  house are our personal canvases, this is where we can let our imagination flow and express our taste and personality, more than in any other part of our home. It is as if it were a virgin territory waiting for us to fill it with our style.

The first important thing we can do in our walls, to add personality to the house, is to choose the right color paint, to go with the furniture and style that our home has, and this task is more delicate than it is. It seems.

To choose the color of our walls we must consider aspects such as the size of the rooms, the lighting, the style of the furniture and, of course, our taste and personality, as well as what we want to transmit on our walls, that is, calm , life, joy, etc.

In this book of ideas we will present you different colors of walls that look fabulous in environments such as living, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and kitchen, among others, so pay close attention and take note so that you can apply it in your own house.

Salmon for the bedroom

The sensuality of the salmon or peach color is ideal for  a couple’s bedroom because it will give the atmosphere the right tone. You can accompany this color on your walls with wooden furniture and discreet lighting and your bedroom will take a very Middle Eastern look, as if you were in a tale of the Arabian Nights.

Yellow for the living

Yellow is one of the most cheerful different colors that exist, and if your purpose is to illuminate and give joy to environments such as the living room this is the indicated color, but we recommend that you combine this color with a more neutral one like white so that it does not look so overloaded

Orange for the dining room

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Did you know that orange color arouses appetite? For this reason it is a very recommended color for places like the dining room, yes, you should use it sparingly and put a not so strong tonality, as well as paint one or two walls, but not all the space, in addition to combining it with the appropriate furniture .

White for the hall

White is the color that symbolizes purity, clarity and cleanliness, and is ideal to put it in places like the hall or the hallway. Another thing that has good white is that you can combine it with any other color or furniture because it goes with everything.

Blue for the bathroom

To paint the walls of your bathroom the most appropriate shades are white and blue because the first reflects cleanliness and the second freshness, two sensations that we hope to feel in a space like this.

Green for the kitchen

best different colors

Green is the color of nature, life, hope; as well as, it is the color of what is most relaxing for the human eye. In your  kitchen , this color will make the space look fresh, clean and cause it to be there.

Lilac for the bedroom

Lilac is a color associated with spirituality and femininity. This color is very used in esotericism, magic and vanity and it is a tone that looks great in a bedroom, you will feel that you are in your personal temple.

Gray for the library or office

the different colors

Gray is a very neutral color that fits very well in executive environments such as the office or home library because it evokes sensations such as balance and sophistication. You can combine it with more cheerful different colors so that the atmosphere does not look so serious.

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