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Find the best time to eat sugar not to hurt the body anymore

Surely you have felt several times that need to eat sugar. To enjoy a dessert or to fall into the temptation of a chocolate, you have to know the best time to eat sugar. To clarify doubts and mysteries, today I am going to talk about sugar in the diet and at what times it is better to fall into the sin of cravings. And is that according to the World Health Organization, there is a recommended percentage to eat sugar, but a maximum of 10% of calories from this delight, as they are known as empty calories, because they do not contribute more than fast energy.

I consulted independent nutritionist Sandra Arroyo and this was what she told me about the best time to eat sugar.

best time to eat sugar

The best time to eat sugar

“The first thing that all people must take into account is that they need to be in balance, that is to spend the same calories they consume,” Sandra tells me. It should be noted that each person is unique and it is necessary to go to the nutritionist to know the recommended sugar that suitable according to their weight, height and lifestyle.

Returning to the consumption of sugar, who has not craved a filled or glazed donut or double chocolate with a coffee in the morning? In this regard, the nutritionist advises the following:

“The bread or bread in general, preferably you should eat in the morning because you will have activity all day and in fact, you can make it a habit as long as you exercise.” It’s great news from the nutritionist for those who love morning bread. But there is a warning “if you are a sedentary person, you will surely consume more calories than you spend and that is why you gain weight”. Best time to eat sugar is morning for the employees. Therefore, either eat only a small portion of sweet bread or look for ways to exercise during your office hours.

According to Sandra, another key moment in which it is possible to eat sugar is before a workout, since you will need a lot of energy to perform the activity.

best time to eat sugar

When is it a serious mistake to eat sugar?

According to a study by Faseb magazine (in Spanish American Societies of Experimental Biology) and nutritionist Sandra, the worst time to eat sugar is at night. Since the body has a lower tolerance to glucose, it processes it more slowly or stores it more easily. So knowing the best time to eat sugar is very important.

Another important point discovered or confirmed by this study is the relationship between sleep and weight. According to specialists, the body has an internal clock in adipose tissue that is capable of regulating insulin sensitivity, and this works best in people who sleep better and at the right times. So, if you cannot overcome the temptation and eat a piece of bread or some other sweet product at night, you not only gain weight but alter this clock of your body’s ability to react to sugar.

But there is a small exception for high-performance athletes, mainly those who run marathons or long races. Eating sugar the night before the activity, will help to have more energy for longer, says Arroyo nutritionist.

best time to eat sugar

If you want to eat sugar, do exercise

This slogan explains quite well what it takes to consume products high in sugar. In addition, balancing not only in sugar but in all foods is the key to good health. You have to find out the best time to eat sugar during the day to balance it with body function.

If you are a person who spends all day in front of the computer, the chance of eating a dessert is reduced, so it would not be bad to go for a run, walk home or use a bicycle instead of public transport. In fact, the nutritionist says that the best thing to do if you do not do any sport is to avoid eating sugar.

Eating habits and awareness about exercise is the first step to enjoy good health. Do not wait for the disease to arrive, change your life now and consult a nutritionist to help you know how many calories you can eat and if your size and weight are adequate.

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