Small business: how do you feel about it

Like lovers for Valentine’s Day, artisans, traders and service providers identify privileged days to thank their customers for their loyalty or strengthen the customer relationship with the most punctual.

And as for lovers, this privileged relationship does not rely on a few days of attention in the year depending on the seasonality of the activity and commercial events.

For small businesses that do not have a lot of marketing and business resources, Geolid identifies 3 tips for an effective customer relationship throughout the year.

Use your power of attraction

You too, must meet your future customers and seduce them from the first meeting: to convince, create a  relationship of trust, engage the prospect or the customer who comes to work with you. With digital, this first contact does not take place directly with you, your company, your products or your services.

We offer you an overview of the communication and networking tools that will lead you to meet your next customers, and also to bring back your old customers.

Search engines: the first virtual point of contact with your company

This is what Google has called the zero moments of truth, a time when you do not know your future client, a time when he already knows you a little …

Before contacting you, your future customer, who is now a consumer, gets information, identifies you, informs you and your competitors about what customers already customers say about you.

It is at this moment of the customer relationship that you must convey a good image and be visible on the net to Internet users who are looking for you. Natural referencing, paid search, management of your e-reputation … as many terms that you have already heard and our teams address daily. An indispensable step before the fateful meeting!

Your website: the place of first contact and rallying

Your website is often the second point of contact for potential customers with your company. It’s even the rallying point for your motivated prospects and your old customers who follow your activities.

And as in love, the first look never deceives! Your future customers must be specifically informed about your products and/or your services, guided in their approach until the contact (phone, request information or quote, make an appointment, etc.)

It is therefore necessary that your website is optimized, complete,  meet the needs of these future customers and engage them to contact you. Then you play to transform this contact, this lead into customer and sales.

For existing customers, your website is just as important. Whether to inform them of your new products or services and achievements, or to make them special operations. The sites created by Geolid allow you to manage these new contents independently.

Social networks: and yes, the user comes back and if you are there too, it’s better!

Put your user in confidence! Take him on a field that reassures him, where he will feel more comfortable. Today French people spend an average of 1 hour 20 minutes a day on social networks. [1] It’s a bit like the local bistro. Even if they are not there for you, you can still make yourself visible and communicate with them. Social networks give you visibility and the advantage of accurate targeting.

Remarketing to boost your future customers

The first two approaches between you and your potential customers took place.

People have identified you on search engines or social networks, they have visited your site. But since no news. 97% of people who visit a site do not finalize their purchases. [2]

Nevertheless, you care a lot about them. So restart them! Use remarketing. Set up advertisements on other websites that will be displayed according to the interests of your prospects. Advertising inserts that you have defined according to your targets according to your sector of activity.

With all these tools you will not be able to miss the appointment with your future customers.

VSE / SME: encourage your customers to communicate

Your prospect has now become a customer.

Your role is now to satisfy him. It’s your job, what you know best. A  satisfied customer is a customer who speaks to you about his entourage and positively, a customer who recommends you with enthusiasm and confidence, in short, a customer who communicates about you online and offline.

Your customer is part of your local advertising device, especially on the Internet where your other future customers are looking for information. Remember the zero moments of truth of Google …

Like any beautiful love story, the customer experience must be shared. Encourage your client to immortalize the moment, to share on social networks his new haircut if you are a hairdresser, the advance of his mezzanine if you are a carpenter, his new kitchen if you are a cook, the beautiful van if you are rental of utilities, etc. This approach will be positive for your image and will promote your visibility with other potential prospects.

And of course, because in a relationship, the relationship is two-way, show your client the pleasure you take in providing your services and share with him the important moments of his life. It’s not just truckers who are nice.

Establish a lasting customer relationship

The link between you and your client should not stop once your service is over. It is important to build a long-term relationship with your client.

Loyalty: stay close to your customers

Give him the ring on his finger! There are many reasons to retain a customer, the main one being that it costs 5 to 10 times cheaper than to conquer a new one. [3] Visit, personalized welcome, privileges, telephone follow-up, newsletter, personalized service … the techniques of loyalty are many and differ according to your profession.

A customer who stays in touch with your business is an actor in your ecosystem.

Give him VIP treatment by listening to him, informing him about topics of interest, offering personalized products and services, visiting him or inspiring him to visit key moments in the life of your business, etc. Each year you must define your loyalty action plan. Your customer portfolio is the first value of your small business.

The satisfaction survey with your customers

Valentine’s Day will be an opportunity to ask your spouse if he or she still loves you so much? And we do not doubt that the question will be asked several times in the year … It is the same for the satisfaction survey to conduct with your customers.

You will be informed of the customer satisfaction after your service. You will learn what you need to improve to improve your business, so your turnover and your customer portfolio. To achieve hot or cold depending on the nature of your business, the feedback from your customers are essential especially since some will formalize their opinion online.

Management of online notices

So how was it? If you feel that the customer has enjoyed the experience with you, ask them to leave an online review of your business, including via your Google Mybusiness page (do you have one?). This step will improve your notoriety and the zero moments of truth of your next customers! A virtuous circle assuredly.

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