Care work: Jobs involved and skills needed

Working in care and support work is incredibly rewarding. You will work with many different individuals, including adults with learning disabilities, people with physical disabilities, issues with drug abuse or mental health disorders, and others who are older.

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Your position will contain:

Supporting persons with social and physical activities

Reserving and holding meetings with individuals

Assist with personal treatment such as dressing and bathing

Supporting individuals with feeding

Monitoring individuals’ general health, such as pulse, temperature, and weight, and can assist with medication.

Strong English language skills, numerical skills and digital skills are important for someone who works in social care. Teamwork and problem-solving abilities provide job skills.

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In this position, there are also some special skills needed to operate. They include:

Ability to act on your own initiative and to prioritise the workload

Strong communication and listening skills

The willingness to understand the policies and procedures and to obey them

Strong writing skills to fill out a plan for treatment.

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Your employer can ask that you have qualifications that demonstrate both the English language and numerical abilities in English and maths, such as A-C GCSEs. A social care certification, such as a Level 2 or 3 Certificate in Health & Social Care, can also be beneficial. Until you start work, you don’t need to have these, as you can prepare for these as you do the job.

It may be helpful to have any job or volunteer experience with disabled adults or something related to treatment. Via job placements, from your personal life, through volunteer work or as part of an internship or apprenticeship, you will get this experience.

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