Six tips for safely driving a rental van

Hiring and driving a rental van can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t driven one before. This article aims to take the stress out of van hire, however, by giving you some simple tips to help you keep yourself and the van safe.

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Get to know the van

After picking up the keys for your vehicle from a specialist such as Autolyne van rental, make sure you make time to get familiar with it. For example, ensure that you understand the controls and dashboard, know where the indicators are, have set your mirrors and seat, and know how to turn the windscreen wipers and lights on and off.

Check the condition of the van

Whichever company you choose to use for van rental Bristol or elsewhere, make sure you check its condition before you drive it away. Check the brakes, indicators and lights and make sure that the tyres are inflated enough. Report any issues.

Stick to the limits

Make sure that you stick to the rules of each road that you drive on in your hired van. Speed is important, as explained on the RoSPA website here.

You also need to be aware of the vehicle you are driving and the fact that you will need more space than if you were driving your car.

Prepare for the weather

If there’s any chance at all that you might be caught in poor weather, then make sure you are prepared. This may be ensuring that you have plenty of water for summertime traffic jams or an ice scraper and blankets for winter travelling.

Take breaks

Don’t drive tired, and make certain to take breaks during longer journeys. Stop at least once every two hours to stretch your legs and have a rest.

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Park safely

Take a little extra time to park safely, in a well-lit area if possible, and away from potential hazards. Make sure that you lock the van properly and don’t leave valuables on show. This will help to ensure the safety of both the van and its contents.

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