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Tips For Finding the Perfect Sweater

Choosing the right sweater can be difficult – there are so many different styles and sizes. It’s also important to consider the quality of the fabric and construction. If you’re looking for a sweater that will last, skip the trendy labels and invest in high-end natural fibres and classic versatile designs. These simple tips will help you find the perfect sweater.

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Know Your Fit

Knowing your body shape will help you sift through the many sweaters that look great on the hanger but aren’t going to work for you. For example, if you’re a chesty build, you might want to look for a more fitted silhouette that isn’t too tight in the shoulders or arms. Similarly, if you’re on the slim side, avoid overly boxy sweaters that will overwhelm your frame.

The quality of the yarn is a big factor in how well your sweater will wear and hold its shape over time. If possible, opt for natural fibres such as wool and cashmere. Synthetics like nylon and polyester are fine in very cold temperatures but will stretch over time and will not stand up to repeated washing. For an aran sweater, go to

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Another thing to pay attention to is the percentage of each fabric in a blend. For instance, a sweater labelled ‘cashmere/cotton’ might only be 30% cashmere at best. Read the full description and if possible, shop around for authentic reviews on consumer websites. This will give you a better idea of the fabric quality and if it is worth the price.

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