How to Prevent Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss that is caused by too much stress on the scalp. When hair is repeatedly pulled, it can cause mechanical damage to the dermal papilla, the follicles of the hair. It can also lead to scarring. Affected individuals may experience psychological distress and may need to seek medical attention. However, if traction alopecia is caught early, there are several ways to reverse it.

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First, a person should avoid wearing hairstyles that put too much pressure on the hair follicles. This can include using extensions, braids, ponytails, or other tight styles. It is also a good idea to switch to protective hairstyles. These styles protect the hair from being pulled too hard and they allow the scalp to breathe.

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Next, avoid chemical processing and harsh hair products. Toxic chemicals in hair care products can weaken the strands and make them prone to traction alopecia. To prevent traction alopecia, it is best to use natural and plant-based hair care products.

Traction alopecia is generally caused by hairstyles that put too much pressure on hair follicles. When a person wears a hairstyle that is too tight, they are pulling the strands from the follicles. Therefore, changing the style often can help reduce the risk of traction alopecia. If possible, choose styles that are gentle on the scalp.

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Another way to prevent traction alopecia is to avoid the use of hair dryers, curlers, and straighteners. They can all cause mechanical damage to the hair shafts and alter their structure. For example, the blow dryer can heat up the strands and change their structure. Similarly, the curlers and straighteners can apply excessive heat to the hair, which can break down the strands.

Lastly, a person can try to prevent traction alopecia by wearing loose hair. Loose hair allows the scalp to breathe, which prevents the follicles from being pulled too hard. As with any hair style, be sure to speak with your stylist about your hairstyle. If you notice pain or soreness in your scalp, ask them for advice.

In addition to following the above-mentioned tips, people with traction alopecia should adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. They should also make sure to rest, control stress, and use light hair care methods. They should also avoid certain behaviours, such as overuse of hair rollers and hair clips.


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