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Getting out for a Walk When you Have Mobility Problems

The great outdoors is free for everyone to enjoy, and it is beneficial to our health too. If you have a disability, and struggle with getting out and about, this doesn’t mean that you should not be able to have access to the countryside and all of the benefits to your health that it can bring.

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If you are reliant on a wheelchair to get around then of course there are many walking routes that may pose a huge challenge to you, but there are also ways to get around this and ensure that you can go out and enjoy being outdoors. Here are a few tips to help you…

Look for Off Road Disability Aids – There are lots of types of disability scooters, as well as other items, that are designed for use of more difficult terrain. Have a look at specialist stores like this to see what sort of things are available that can help you to get out into the countryside.

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Plan your Routes – Many walking routes can be challenging even to those who are not having mobility difficulties, so make sure that when you are planning to go out for a walk that you do plenty of research. There are places that have flat paths, and some will even mention things like wheelchair and pushchair access for example, so have a look for walks that offer this.

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