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How much does a drainage survey cost?

There are a number of reasons to consider a drain survey. These include a recurring blockage, animal infestation, checking the structural health of a new property, planning an extension, or when experiencing problems with water backing up.

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Why a drain survey?

If you have a recurring blockage, it would pay in the long run to commission a survey to locate the exact cause and location of it so it can be dealt with effectively. If you suffer from an animal infestation, this could be caused by damaged drains. A CCTV camera survey would show the extent of the problem. If you are buying a new property, it may be worth having a drain survey as these are not included in any pre-sale inspection.

The survey can often reveal deeper problems beyond the drainage system, such as structural faults. Such a catch can avoid the dreaded money-pit scenario. Water backing up can not only be caused by a blocked or damaged drain but by such things as tree roots which can grow around pipes causing damage. If you are planning an extension close to the drainage system, it is a good idea to make sure that everything is functioning as normal down there before you start. A non-dig inspection with cameras is the first step to solving all of these problems, so what should you expect to pay for a survey?

Calculating the costs.

You can expect to pay anything from a little under £100 up to £500 for an inspection by a drainage expert. This, of course, depends on the size and complexity of the drainage system and the nature of the survey. It can take anything from an hour to upwards of 4 hours to complete a full survey. The average costs are around £250. A specialist company should always be used for CCTV drainage surveys Kingsbury and elsewhere. If you have drainage concerns, you will be able to find CCTV drainage surveys Kingsbury and across the UK. The increasing development and use of this technology have meant that prices have been kept remarkably low.

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Peace of mind.

Gone are the days when a drain survey meant digging random trenches in the hope of locating the problem, causing disruption and mess. Modern CCTV surveys are a very cost-efficient way of getting to the root of any drainage problem.

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