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How to organise your fitted wardrobe

Customise the Wardrobe Interior

Whatever storage ideas you may have, you can make them work by customising the interior to meet your needs. You can have more freedom with customisable wardrobes than you could ever get from flat-pack furniture or freestanding wardrobes. You can select how many shelves, rails, and drawers you want. Select an internal wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and space.

Divide Shelf Space

Dividers can be used to divide piles of clothing on wardrobe shelves. You can use dividers on shelves to stack bulky items such as jeans and jumpers to save space in your drawers.

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How to Use Wardrobe Doors

It’s a good idea to look for storage in all areas of your bedroom, especially if you have a small one. It’s important to be creative with fitted wardrobes, as smaller wardrobes may not offer the same luxurious storage options that a walk in wardrobe does. You could, for example, install door hangers on the wardrobe doors to keep clutter-heavy things out of sight, while still being easily accessible.

Buy Shoe Stackers

Shoes can be bulky and difficult to store. If you need to store twice as many shoes in the same area, shoe stackers are a great option. The shoe stacker has two parts: one that sits on a plastic holder and the other that slots under it. This keeps them all together, neatly hidden, and tightly stored.

Organise Wardrobe Sections

If you store a collection of small clothing items in a drawer, they can quickly become disorganised. The adjustable dividers slide out to fit the internal wardrobe drawers. They section off the contents, so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. For Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes, visit Lamco Design

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Fit Stackable Storage

The space beneath the wardrobe is not used by many people. If you have enough space, arrange stacking boxes to fit the space. You can also separate long and short hanging items. They’re a great solution for filling in gaps and awkward spaces.

Hang a Shelf In

A fabric hanging rack is a good solution if you have a fitted wardrobe with plenty of space for hanging clothes, but need some additional shelving. It will provide extra storage space for folded clothes and folds easily when not in use.

Sort Your Hanging Space

The most important thing to remember when organising your wardrobe is that you need to use an organised system. You could hang your clothes by category, and then sort them within each category according to length, colour, or material.

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