Charity starts at Home.  Give and you will receive.

With most of the world struggling with this difficult financial climate, the price of heating homes soaring and the cost of monthly food bills going through the roof, it’s no surprise that more and more families are having to turn to charities to help them cope!  Food Banks are sending out hundreds of essential parcels on a daily basis as parents struggle to feed their children.  Quite often it’s a choice between heating their homes or having a meal, adults will go without food so that their children can eat.  It’s a sad, sad situation but one that’s unfortunately become commonplace.  The old saying “Charity begins at Home has never been more poignant and the Bible verse that quotes “Give and you will receive” is a message that is really hitting home to lots of households.

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By helping a neighbour or a friend, many families are surviving by working together through these difficult times.  If you can raise money for any of the essential charities that are literally saving people’s lives, then take the time to do it.  Charity walks, sponsored bicycle rides, abseiling off high buildings are all common ways of raising money but what about people who can’t do the more physically challenging charity events?  Thinking out of the box and raising money from home by inviting friends and family to use Crochet Blanket Kits to make practical warm blankets and not only raise money for a well deserving charity but making something useful as well.  Being able to raise money and give the finished, beautiful crochet blankets to a family with a young child, that will help keep him/her warm is a great idea.  These kits can easily be obtained from a company such as

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By taking part in a charity fundraiser and helping other people you will quite often find that your personal circumstances also improve.  The other old saying “What goes around comes around” quite often proves to be true and if you help others in need, you will find that others will help you when your life takes a downwards turn.  If you are struggling with heating bills, you should always speak to your energy supplier and let them know.  They will often be prepared to lower your monthly tariff until things are back on track.

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