How to look good in Winter. A quick guide for men.

Now that the summer has finally gone and September has finished, it’s time to start to think about autumn and winter.  This is always a good time to review your wardrobe and see what can be gotten rid of and also what new items of clothing you might want to put in it.  Many men do not have a seasonal wardrobe and may not have an idea of what a seasonal wardrobe should look like. They are inclined to wander around all year round in the same kind of clothes, which may not lend itself to a stylish look. This is a shame as the autumn and winter months provide men with the perfect opportunity to look fashionable. Now follows a short guide to how to dress for the winter and look good doing it.

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The most important part of a winter wardrobe is that it will keep you warm and is functional. This does not mean that you have to shirk on colours or style. The key to a decent winter wardrobe is to layer. Layering is a skill and involves a range of clothing options combined to give one whole look. The base layer is where you begin which usually involves a t-shirt and long pants. You can then add some solid trousers with a T-shirt and a shirt on top of this. The final part is a nice jumper or cardigan and a warm winter coat.  Given the changing nature of the season’s weather, it means you have options to add and take away to your outfit so that you do not become excessively hot.

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With regard to feet,it is always a good idea to have a decent pair of boots. These can be the walking variety but if you are in an urban setting it might also be a good idea to opt for high ankle Chelsea boots.  Not only are these warming to the feet, the slip-on versions can be added and taken away with relative ease thus saving you time.

Be very aware of what the clothing items are made from as many branded products will look to use polyester as a main fabric and while this may look like a stylish option, it offers very little protection for keeping out the cold.  Even worse, it is not a breathable material and you will therefore find yourself starting to become sweaty. The autumn and winter months lend themselves well to the old standbys of wool and leather. These tried and tested materials have stood the test of time and still look great today.

When it comes to colours you have to consider the classics. In winter it is time to get out the reds, browns and blacks. Green and olive drab is also popular as it serves as a reminder of summer colours that are now passing.  At no point should shorts be considered to be an option. To start building your winter wardrobe, visit to see the range of Tommy Hilfiger Menswear available.

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