Traditional British Playground games

The great British playground is still a place that attracts children. Bright and colourful, they offer the promise of fun and games, plus a chance for Mum or Dad to put their feet up on a nearby bench for five minutes and remember what they were like when they went to the park. Playgrounds Cheltenham based creators are one of the best suppliers of this action packed place that generations have created great games to play in. Here are a few,

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  1. Tag or Tig. The simplest of games. Someone is “it” and the idea is that they have to tag or tig as many of the other kids to join them. The last person to be tagged or tigged is the winner and they and the first person who was tagged or tigged become “it” and roundabout or some kind of equipment is designated as being safe and you can’t be tagged or tigged if you are on it.
  2. Pirates. Similar to the above. In this game the ground is the sea and the equipment is the ship. 2 pirates chase the others over the play equipment and try to capture them (by tagging them) so they are out. Anyone who touches the ground is also out.

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  1. Captain aboard. This one is a bit more complicated. One is the Captain and the others have to perform actions as they call them out. These moves are based on a sailing ship. For example “Captain aboard” means everyone should salute. “Battle stations” means that everyone has to get on a bit of equipment as quickly as possible. The slowest person is out.

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