What Kind of Treatment is Metal Spraying?

Metal spraying is a surface coating process that can be applied to many materials. Depending on the material, the application can produce a variety of properties, including wear resistance, corrosion protection, electrical/thermal conductivity, insulation, and non-slip. The spraying process is used across various industries and in several applications.

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Most metal spraying applications are in the anti-corrosion and engineering markets. The coating is typically an aluminium or zinc coating. However, other materials such as copper, and lead are also used. Selecting the suitable coating material for each application is essential, as it is necessary to achieve the desired properties in the final operating environments.

Metal spraying is a rapid and economical process. Unlike other coating methods, it does not require cooling down or a curing period, reducing turnaround times. In addition, there is no risk of component distortion and no waste.

There are several different types of metal spraying equipment available. One of the most common is a wire-fed gun. Other options include a flame gun, a high-speed air-fuel system, and a plasma-spraying system. Each of these methods can be performed on-site or at an industrial facility. For details on Thermal Plasma Spray applications, visit Poetons, a provider of Thermal Plasma Spray services.

For example, a large military helicopter manufacturer uses non-slip metal spray coatings to increase the safety of its aircraft. These coatings can be applied to various materials, including steel, aluminium, and plastics. Several different coating thicknesses are possible, so the spray can be customised to meet specific needs.

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A wire-fed gun is the most commonly used method of metal spraying. Compressed air speeds the particles from the source to the surface. Once atomized, the particles flatten and harden, providing a robust and durable layer.

Flame spraying involves using a heat source such as acetylene or oxygen, and this causes an electric arc to form. Once the angle reaches a high enough temperature, a fine powder is accelerated in a plasma jet. Various materials can be coated, but aluminium, zinc, and iron are the most popular.

Thermal spraying is an alternative to anodizing, nitride, and plating. It is a coating process that is usually applied in powder form. Typically, it is used for corrosion protection and to add additional coatings to a substrate. Compared to other methods, thermal spraying produces a smoother surface and increases the strength of the layer.

Metal spraying has been used in several industries for over 100 years. As a result, it is a proven and efficient surface coating method. Among its many advantages, it is one of the quickest and most economical methods of applying a coating. Another advantage is that it can be performed on-site.

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