Centella Asiatica: all the properties and health benefits

It improves venous circulation and is an excellent ally in the treatment of varicose veins. It can also be taken in the form of confetti or capsules. But beware of contraindications: not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Here are all the properties and health benefits of Centella Asiatica.

BENEFITS OF ASIAN CENTELLACentella Asiatica: all the properties and health benefits. Improves venous circulation and fights cellulite (photo)

The gotu kola is a climbing plant of the family Apiaceae and grows in humid, tropical areas of the world (especially where there are streams) such as India and South America. It has purple flowers but it is in the leaves that its entire active principle resides, consisting of triterpene saponins, which improve venous circulation and stimulate fibroblasts, ie those cells that synthesize collagen, necessary for tissue health. Centella Asiatica is also called “tiger herb” because it is said that these animals make use of them when they have to heal wounds. Centella Asiatica is also rich in polyphenols and essential oil.


As already mentioned, Centella Asiatica is rich in triterpene saponins and is thanks to this but also to flavonoids and phytosterols, which can repair tissues, such as in the case of stretch marks. The Centella has a phlebotonic activity that makes the vessel walls elastic and elasticizes the blood vessels. For this reason, it is also useful in the treatment of varicose veins.


The kola also helps to heal faster injuries and wounds as well as burns of the first and second degree. With this beneficial plant, even the hemorrhoids and the microangiopathy that comes from diabetes are treated very well. Centella Asiatica is widely used in the production of cosmetics because it has anti-wrinkle properties and tightens the skin. Thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory action, this plant also treats ulcers and soothes insect bites and psoriasis.


The extracts of this plant are widely used in the creation of anti-cellulite products, precisely because they possess firming properties. Its action on the blood vessels allows strong drainage of liquids and prevents these from stagnating determining the unsightly swelling. The Centella, therefore, allows the purification of the lymphatic system and the skin immediately appears more toned and uniform.


The cellulite -based Centella is preferred if you suffer from thyroid disease. In fact, many anti-cellulite cosmetics are provided with algae (for example “fucus vesiculosus”) which could be harmful to those suffering from thyroid disease.


Those who want to use Centella Asiatica can take the dry extract that is reduced to sugared almonds or capsules or can opt for a hydro-alcoholic drinking solution. It is found in herbal medicine also in the form of a cream to be applied to the skin for the treatment of stretch marks and other types of skin problems.

If you need to treat ulcers, you can use the infusion, always under medical supervision. Infuse 4 grams of Centella in 100 ml of boiling water for a quarter of an hour and then consume. The best form under which to take this plant is FTTCA(Total Triterpenic Centella Asiatica Centration) consisting of 40% from asiaticoside and Asian acid and 60% from made classic acid. Of FTTCA you must take a maximum of 30/60 mg a day, always between meals, twice, under the instructions of your doctor.


Centella Asiatica is also excellent in slimming treatments. Those who must lose weight can opt for supplements based on this effective plant. In fact, not only, as we have already seen, it significantly reduces cellulite. But promotes the drainage of liquids which therefore do not stagnate in the body; finally, anxiety decreases and therefore the sense of nervous hunger that leads to weight gain. In the pharmacy and today also in the large-scale retail trade, it is possible to buy supplements with the Asian Centella “ad hoc” that completely improve the metabolism.


The gotu kola is always consumed under medical supervision because it may have contraindications. The hydroalcoholic extracts. And the dried ones should never be associated with sedatives. And antidepressants because they could cause strong drowsiness and weakness. The purified Centella fraction, on the other hand, does not involve any kind of consequence.

The Centella cannot be taken by people who are allergic and is not recommended for pregnant women and for nursing, at least orally (in any case, it is always advisable to consult the doctor) Even diabetics should avoid using it, as well as those who take drugs for epilepsy. An overdose of Centella Asiatica can cause a severe headache. Anyone who has to undergo surgery or has just had one, should not take the Centella, because it could interact with pre and post-surgical drugs and cause drowsiness. Anyone having to undergo surgery should stop taking Centella at least 2 weeks before the operation. It is not advisable to use Centella Asiatica cream directly on damaged skin.

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