Change your life: 5 tips on how to change your life for the better

How to change your life? The best way to achieve your goals and bring about real change in your life is to start working on yourself. Here are our 5 tips to do it.

Changing lives is the dream of many of us. Every day we wake up in the morning with a sense of anxiety or melancholy, with the desire to see a change in one’s life, which has always seemed the same for years and years, and which gives us little satisfaction.

How can you change your life? Why is it so difficult to do it? If you want to change you have to face a deep resistance within yourself, look your limits and your fears in the face, get out of your comfort zone. To achieve your goals, however, it is worth trying. Trying is the best way to succeed!

Here are 5 tips to change your life, which start from an essential work on yourself, in everyday life. And remember: never abandon your dreams!

1. How to change your life: change must start from your point of view

The best way to change your life is to start changing your point of view, your perspective. If you continue to live focused on everything that does not work in your life, on everything you miss (starting with money, which – always remember – are a means, not an end to achieve your goals!) It will not bring you much far away.

Try for a moment to look at yourself from the outside, as if you were a stranger: try to focus on everything you have earned over the years, even in terms of experiences and affections. Broaden your vision of all the reality that surrounds you and visualize all the possibilities that gravitate around your reality: it is easy to notice what is wrong, but it is very difficult to find the strength to say thanks to the life of everything that has given us because to say thank you need a lot of courage.

Try to find within yourself the ability to say thank you and you will already be activating the first change in your life, a very important change of perspective in order to go ahead and achieve your goals. So stop focusing on your fears and your misfortunes, because you will only strengthen them. Instead, start focusing on your abilities, your strengths, everything that makes you the splendid person you are, starting from the little things.

Changing your life is possible only if you stop looking at the past and brooding over it: the time to live in the present, with your gaze turned to the future, because only in this way will you be able to turn towards the realization of long-term projects. If you want to change your life, act in the present thinking about the future.

2. To change your life, start again from what you love

How can you change your life if you keep doing the same things every day? If you want to change, you need to reset your life and start over from what you love most. Will your passions to direct you towards the best chance for you!

So try to make a real list of everything you always liked to do, even in your childhood or adolescence: what were your favorite subjects? Sports? The pastimes? What activities brought you joy? You will immediately realize that, over the years, many of these passions have abandoned them, often for reasons of strength.

Yet you must know that – according to some studies – our true passion they are the ones we loved most in our childhood, they are the ones that formed us in those happy years, in which time seemed to pass without us realizing it and without having all the thoughts and responsibilities of adult life … Then try to recover some of these activities or integrate it with your work today, it could give you unexpected joy!

3. Forgive and love yourself

Of all the life-changing tips you will ever read, this is perhaps the most important, because it is the only one capable of activating a profound inner change, and all the changes that take place outside ( earn more money, go to living abroad, starting a family …) are only consequences of a change that has taken place within you, never the opposite!

If you look at yourself with feelings of negativity, anger, hatred, and guilt, you will not be able to change your life. Only love attracts love, and you have to start from small things, from living in harmony with yourself every day! It is certainly not easy: you will have to work a lot on yourself, learn to accept your limits, not to judge yourself, not to feel guilty for your mistakes.

Learn to forgive yourself if you want to change. Do not lock yourself in a cage made of guilt and grudges: only you can free yourself and, in order for your life to change, you will have to open that cage and find your inner freedom! Listen to yourself and all your desires without fears and judgments, they will lead you to change.

4. To facilitate the change, do visualization exercises

Perhaps you have already heard about visualization exercises and, perhaps, you are feeling rather skeptical about it: how can simply visualizing what we won’t help to change one’s life? Of course, visualization is not magic: it is not enough to focus on the image of you going to live abroad in a villa on the ocean full of money, for this to happen.

First of all, it is important that you have followed all the advice to change your life that we have suggested so far: you must have eliminated any negative thoughts, changed your perspective, learned to forgive yourself and love yourself and, above all, to say thank you for what you already have. At this point, you will have cleared your inner space of all negativity and you will be ready to clarify what you really want.

Then try to visualize yourself as an old woman, when there are no longer long-term goals to achieve and changing your life will actually be more complex: at that point, what would you like to continue doing? Probably that action does not have to do with going to live abroad or making a lot of money, but with a deeper desire, which can help you focus on what really matters to you, which gives you peace and happiness. By visualizing yourself in that state of joy, you will immediately bring joy into your life, and things will start to change: it’s the law of attraction, baby!

5. Leaving your comfort zone is the only way to change your life

And finally, here we are at the last of our tips to change your life: get out of your comfort zone! In order for your life to begin to change, it is not enough to just stand still and dream: you have to move, do new things, look for new stimuli, as far as possible from our everyday life!

Have you always liked tango, but have you never had the courage or the time or the opportunity to enroll in a course? Find a way to do it! Have you always wanted to speak Japanese to spend a period of your life in Japan? Start going to a language class and then we’ll see it! If you don’t start the change machine experimenting and bringing without fear of the news in your life, it will be difficult that this can change by itself!

So start exploring. Meet new people, walk the streets of your city that you have never traveled to… start from the little things of every day if you want to change, and never be afraid to dare too much! To change your life, you must necessarily leave your comfort zone.

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