How to form winning habits and take powerful action toward your business goals

Churchill said that “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” is a good definition that helps us with the idea of ​​how to create winning habits. You know, getting goals costs, beating the inertia is not an easy task. That is why Churchill says “to go from failure to failure” because he or she who wants to create winning habits will have to know several failures and some successes. In this article, you will find some keys to creating winning habits.


How to create winning habits to achieve goals

Creating winning habits is going to be fundamental if you want to start changing something in your professional or personal life. If every year you managed to create just two habits, your life would improve exponentially. First of all, you have to know what you want to achieve ? define your goals well.

One of the healthiest customs I consider to have acquired over the years is daily meditation. Taking fifteen or twenty minutes at the beginning of the day for meditation and visualization is a practice that brings me multiple benefits (especially against stress ), from greater well-being and inner balance to a greater ability to focus when achieving my goals.

Getting constant was not easy, especially at the beginning, when meditation was not yet among my priorities. However, with the passage of time, this practice became a necessity, which I miss when for some reason I cannot practice it (although I have to confess that there are days that cost me horrors, and I even fall asleep doing it). Here I really like Rafa Nadal’s philosophy with training “if one day you don’t train for some important reason, come in. But don’t be two. ” Over the years I have learned to be flexible with myself (be flexible my friend)

Particularly, something similar has happened to me whenever I wanted to create a habit in my life, at the beginning difficulty and sacrifice, but over time: satisfaction and improvement. In this way, I have managed to put into my DNA some very beneficial customs. One of the ones my wife and I are most proud of is having dinner at least four days a week for yogurt and fruit. Eliminate a few thousand calories from our weekly diet.

Some people will tell you “but how can you…? However, best of all when you create a habit is that it costs you more not to do it than to do it. On weekends it is more difficult for me not to go running just after waking up than staying in bed, so I don’t fail. My body (and my mind) have become accustomed and need it.

It usually happens that, at the beginning of wanting to create a habit, it costs us a lot to get down to work and even stop doing it within a few days of starting. This is usual. However, the strength of the habit is often so strong that after a few days of practicing, if the habit is aligned with your values, you will not be able to stop practicing it.

To create a habit you have to overcome important inertia, for this reason, many people say that of 21 days. I have to say that I consider it a useless norm. Because if you don’t like or love something, no matter how much you do it 21 days it will still be a waste of time. You have to be very aligned with the idea of ​​the habit you want to create, you have to make sense of what you do.

Today you feel committed to something, I am sure of it. Personally:

  • You would like to improve your health in some aspect.
  • Improve your ability to establish relationships.
  • Get some important challenge in your life.
  • Improve your financial situation
  • Would you like to have more balance and peace in your life

Or professionally:

  • You would like to be more effective with your work.
  • Learn some language.
  • Improve the management of your time.
  • Increase business results.
  • Professionalize your company, department …

You can get everything if you are committed to the idea and if you create winning habits for it. Robin Sharma says that “repetition is the mother of all learning. ”

Therefore, if you want to stop committing self-sabotage and achieve your goals, you have to start creating winning habits that are valuable and meaningful to you. Creating a habit is like using a new muscle in your body that until now you didn’t use too much. On the first day, it will be strange to exercise this muscle, it will seem odd to you and you will also have stiffness the next day. But as you exercise it, the muscle will gain strength and will be as meaningful to you like everyone else.

Have a great day, start today with your habits, take that little step that makes the difference between doing nothing and achieving your goals.

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