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How to create an online store with Wix to start selling today

Currently, it is essential for companies to allow their customers to buy directly from the Internet; otherwise, they could lose valuable sales. However, many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs refrain from putting their products online because they believe that the process is too expensive and complex.

In a recent guide we talked about how to start selling on the Internet, we mentioned different tools that allowed us to put our products online without requiring advanced technical knowledge or making large investments. One of these mentioned tools is Wix, the platform that we will focus on in this article.

Why use Wix to create your online store?

Wix is one of the most used website creation platforms in the world. Initially the platform allowed creating basic sites, but little by little, it was integrating new tools and functionalities, becoming today a very complete solution. With Wix you can create from simple informative sites to publicize what our company does, to interactive websites, blogs and online stores.

Although it is true that there are various alternatives to create an online store, Wix stands out in 3 specific cases …

You want to start selling today: The Wix platform is designed so that in a few steps you have an ecommerce site with all the necessary configurations to start making sales.

You don’t want to complicate your life with technical aspects: From this platform you can create a professional site thanks to its step-by-step assistants who will guide you through each part of the process. It is just a matter of choosing a template, editing the page to your liking and filling in the information that the attendees request.

You want to manage your entire store from one place: Wix offers you all the tools to manage products and manage sales. You don’t have to resort to multiple platforms to manage everything separately, allowing you to focus on what’s important: selling.

In conclusion, the platform combines versatility, power and simplicity, to make life easier for the entrepreneur.

How to create your online store with Wix (Step by Step)

We have this short guide to explain step by step how to create an online store with Wix.

Here we leave you a summary of the steps to create your ecommerce site with Wix …

  • Register on the platform
  • Choose the template that you like the most
  • Edit and customize your template
  • Make the necessary settings and adjustments to optimize your site
  • Upload your products and configure e-commerce options
  • Set your shipping options
  • Add your payment methods
  • Generate an SEO plan
  • Review and publish your page
  • Start selling online

As you can see, Wix is an excellent alternative to start on the Internet without complicating our lives. Its interface is very intuitive and includes all kinds of tools and apps that allow us to enhance the characteristics of our site.

Have you used Wix in any of your online projects? Leave us your comments and contributions on the subject.

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