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How to dress well? 8 tips to always choose the perfect look

Eight style tips to dress well on every occasion and show off an impeccable look that enhances you best!

If you are reading this article, your interest is probably to know tricks and secrets to be fashionable and show off an impeccable look in every occasion. Before proceeding further, however, let’s clarify what we mean by “dress well”. The following piece does not aim so much to dictate universal rules to be followed slavishly, but rather to provide a series of tips and stylistic guidelines to help you choose your outfit with awareness, focusing on your tastes and taking into account your physical characteristics.

All with one purpose: to enhance yourself and allow you to feel at ease every day. After all, try to pay attention to it: how much more beautiful and confident do you see yourself when you wear the clothes you love and that are really good for you? As this video reminds us, seeing yourself beautiful is a choice and it is undoubtedly easier if you listen to each other deeply and give voice to your personality through the image.

So here are our 8 style tips from which you can be inspired to choose tailored outfits and dress well shine every day as you should!

1. The items that you should always keep in the closet

Let’s start with the fundamentals: there are must-have clothes that cannot be missing in our wardrobe and that come to our rescue on any occasion, guaranteeing us to show off a look worthy of note without too much effort. These are evergreen garments that never go out of fashion and that lend themselves easily to different mix & matches, giving rise to the most varied outfits, from the most classic and elegant ones to the most informal and casual ones.

What clothes are we talking about?

  • A black or neutral-toned blazer
  • A business suit or a black skirt
  • A pair of jeans
  • A little black dress
  • A white shirt
  • A pair of black pumps or more informal shoes like women’s Chelsea boots for the more sporty ones

In fact, little will be enough to color these basic clothes with new souls, even just by adding a particular accessory with a whimsical touch, a colored garment or a scarf with a bright and character fantasy. And so for example, a jeans will become elegant, a classic black dress will turn into a rock and roll outfit and a simple solid color suit will take on a super glam touch.

2. Indulge your style, don’t just follow fashion

Let yourself be guided by your personal taste and not only by the trends that are in vogue at the time. Often the trends promoted by the season are not compatible with our taste or do not enhance us properly. Also being aware of your body and enhancing it properly with the right clothes is a great way not to miss the wrong look and always feel at the top. So have the courage to exclude from your wardrobe fashion trends that you don’t feel are yours, even if you see them on anyone.

Trust what you feel when you look in the mirror: it will always remain the best parameter to make no mistakes and choose what really values you.

At the same time though, try to get out of your comfort zone and try on clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear: you could surprise yourself and find you love them madly! If you want to have stylish funky shirts in your collection, you can try adding Steven Rhodes t-shirts in your wardrobe. In short, a right mix of healthy certainties and love for novelty, letting you be guided by the only true criterion that matters: your personal judgment.

In fact, remember that the look can also be an alternative and creative language to express your personality and communicate with the world.

3. Identify “your” colors

There are shades that have the power to enhance our complexion in a natural way and others that, instead, turn it off. But, how can we easily identify them and prefer garments of the most suitable nuances for us?

With small rules of color analysis, you can easily understand if we belong to the category of warm or cold colors and have access to the palette best suited to us, as well as in clothing as in makeup. Among the criteria to find out there is, for example, identifying the color of the veins of the wrists : if they seem bluer to you, your skin will have a pink undertone and you will be better with cold colors, if on the contrary they turn more on green, you will have a yellow undertone and the nuances you will have to focus on will be the warmest ones.

Other criteria are: how you become when you tan (golden skin – warm colors; very dark complexion or, on the contrary, very white with a tendency to become red – cold colors), the color of the eyes (whether they are light or dark, if they have a component of yellow – therefore hazelnut, brown-green, green or blue but not ice – we belong to the warm sphere, if they are dark brown, gray, ice blue or water green, to the cold sphere) and hair color(if they have natural golden or copper shades, our nuances are warm, if they are strong or on the contrary very light, almost glacial, we are in the cold range).

More specifically, on the basis of the warm / cold and light / dark subdivision, four seasons have been identified (which follow the classic ones) to which each woman belongs …

  • Spring: Warm colors for light-colored women (e.g. Jennifer Aniston)
  • Autumn: Warm colors for women with medium-dark colors (e.g. Julia Roberts)
  • Summer: Cold colors for light-colored women (e.g. Gwyneth Paltrow)
  • Winter: Cold colors for women with medium-dark colors (e.g. Anne Hathaway)

But what are the specific palettes according to the 4 categories? Each of these is rich and varied and follows the typical colors of the four seasons: from the summer sun that makes everything, very clear to the yellow light of spring that softens the tones, to the glacial and dark landscapes of winter and the warm autumn palette of the foliage.

Among the cool colors

  • If you have light shades – and you are therefore a summer woman – choose cold shades with a blue, pink or gray base. The pearl white, lemon yellow, light pink (pastel, antique or powder), lavender, raspberry, strawberry or cherry red, cold blue (light blue, periwinkle and aquamarine,) will therefore be perfect . warm shades with yellow undertones, such as brown and orange.
  • If you have dark tones – and you are a winter woman – opt for bright and intense colors or soft but with a cold soul and blue or gray undertone. Excellent white, black, gray (light and anthracite), electric blue, navy or Prussian blue, violet, indigo, emerald or mint green, bright red, magenta or burgundy, lemon yellow and shocking pink but also light pink. To avoid: earth tones, browns, olive green, bay leaf and sage, orange, hot red and burnt red.

Among the warm colors

  • If you are lighter – that is, spring woman – choose warm but soft and delicate tones. Perfect warm beige and nude, camel, terracotta, bright yellow, orange, warm browns and reds, sky blue and aqua green, the warm shades of green, cobalt blue and not too cold grays. Avoid: dark shades and blue undertones that turn off the typical brightness of spring women.
  • If you are dark – autumn woman – let yourself be guided by the autumn colors. So go ahead for copper, bronze, brown, orange, pumpkin-colored, burnt, yellow of dry leaves, mustard, warm green, plum, ivory and cream. Avoid: black and gray, optical white, lemon yellow, purple and candy pink or fuchsia.

Other rules on the use of color

  • It is not enough to choose your own colors, it is also good to know how to combine them. In this case, let yourself be guided by common sense and measure.
  • Watch out for exaggeration too: try not to exceed the three colors for outfits, for a look that is still classy and not too excessive.
  • If you choose the plain color, always very elegant, opt for basic colors, in shades or ton sur ton. Avoid too bright and particular colors not to be too much. A bright total white or a total black are always two perfect choices. If you belong to the warm sphere, focus on beige, camel and the bright shades of nude.
  • Play wisely with accessories

If your look is full, do not overdo it with flashy accessories: better simple and monochrome jewelry. On the contrary, a simple and basic outfit will be enriched with elegance and character if enhanced by an important and multicolor necklace.

Again, however, keep in mind the hot / cold rule. Choose silver accessories if you show off cold-toned outfits, such as gray or white, instead stay on gold, pink gold and bronze if you are women with warm colors or wear bright colors with a yellow undertone.

5. Choose the right outfit for every occasion

Remember that every occasion requires its outfit. One of the most common mistakes is to dress inappropriately based on the circumstance. Being overdressed at a simple dinner with friends will make you feel inadequate or not very self-confident: better a practical everyday look, perhaps with some glam-chic details for a less informal touch. On the contrary, if you attend an event that requires a specific dress code, such as a wedding, or even just the Christmas and New Year holidays, respect it by adding a pinch of personality to be fashionable but also full of character.

6. Watch out for age too

A high essential criterion is to understand how to dress according to the years you have. It will be natural with the passage of time, to feel more comfortable with certain clothes than with others and to change your wardrobe, leaving behind too sexy, bright, extravagant, short or tight-fitting clothes. After all, if you want to look younger, you need to focus on sober and classy outfits, without renouncing your taste, but rather, all with a touch of personality and character, letting yourself be guided by the fashions of the moment.

7. Dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot

Yes, it is possible to dress well for a little. To show noteworthy looks you don’t necessarily have to show off Gucci garments or other high fashion brands; indeed there are more than decent low cost brands that offer a series of top-level fashion alternatives. Let yourself be inspired by everything that surrounds you, take ideas and inspiration from the people you meet on the street, contaminate the styles and get involved with yours. And above all, always be on the alert: you can find a wonderful dress even in a lost market or in a semi-unknown shop.

Rather, reserve the most important purchases for evergreen garments or accessories such as bags or shoes, which can accompany you for longer and which you can exhibit with more outfits and on more occasions.

8. Get inspired by the icons you love and feel close to your style

If you love stars and especially their way of dressing, why not take inspiration? Choose icons close to your colors and your style and get ideas to show off perfect looks for you. There are many celebs who set the law for fashion, from Meghan Markle, classic and always chic, to Kate Middleton, who has more mixed high fashion clothes with low-cost brands, inspiring women all over the world. Not to mention the beloved Jennifer Aniston, trendsetter also in terms of hair, or the eternal Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker, undisputed queen of style, in life as in fiction.

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