Discover the most beautiful beaches in Europe

Europe not only has a number of historical places, museums, squares, and parks worth knowing, in this continent, it is also possible to find several European beaches to visit this summer, which will leave you great experiences and allow you to see the best views. Then we will share the most beautiful beaches in Europe, so that you can point them to the list of upcoming destinations you want to visit and, thus, have an unforgettable trip.

Each of the places you are about to meet has natural beauties that, in short, will leave unforgettable memories in your mind and that of your partner or family. In addition, many of them are part of paradisiacal destinations that everyone would like to know. If you are part of that group of people, continue reading and discover the most beautiful beaches in Europe that we have selected to delight you with the beautiful images and descriptions of these environments that will be waiting for you.

6 of the most beautiful beaches in Europe | A set of beauty and nature!

1. Sarakiniko, in Greecemost beautiful beaches

In Greece, a country belonging to the European Union and located in Europe, Africa, and Asia, we find one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe: Sarakiniko, which is known for its calm waters. This European beach is located on the island of Milo. Widely visited by tourists during the summer, thanks to its varied beaches and excellent climate.

2. Oludeniz and Cleopatra, in Turkeymost beautiful beaches

Traveling to Turkey we find the beach Oludeniz, where it is possible to enjoy a paradisiacal destination located in the homonymous town, which is a lot of recreational activities that you can take advantage of in your vacation to the “old continent”. Also, in this country located in Asia and Europe, we can find the island of Cleopatra. Also known as Isla Seder. In this are, a there are not only beautiful transparent waters that combine with the sand. And create a visual spectacle, but it is also possible to find all kinds of sea shells.

The island of Cleopatra owes its name to an ancient legend that is told in Turkey. Which announces that Cleopatra and Marco Antonio swam in these waters. If you want to know more about this history and, in addition, discover the best beaches in Turkey. We invite you to read this Tourism Four ranking, where some of the areas you should know. If you travel to the sovereign country we are talking about are shared.

3. Cala Macarelleta, in the Balearic Islands (Spain)most beautiful beaches

f knowing the Balearic Islands is one of your wishes, without a doubt, there you will have the great opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Specifically, we include in this article Cala Macarelleta. Which is characterized as a nudist beach with fine white sand. Which attracts the attention of many tourists, especially during the summer.

4. Benagil, in Portugalmost beautiful beaches

In Portugal, we find the beach of Benagil, where it is not only possible to enjoy a pleasant swim in its waters. But it is also recommended to explore the nearby caves. Which has become one of the major tourist attractions in the area? In the cave of Benagil, you can walk around or venture on a kayak trip to see all this beautiful European area.

5. Palombaggia, in Francemost beautiful beaches

As the last recommendation to travel in summer and get to know the most beautiful beaches in Europe. We should refer to the beach of Palombaggia, located on the island of Corsica, in France. The rocks of this European area and the water create an environment that you will not want to miss in your next vacation.

The places mentioned above were taken from the selection of the 31 best beaches in the world of National Geographic. Where you can find the ideal destinations worldwide if you want to vacation in a beach environment next summer. Let us know in the comments area which of the most beautiful beaches in Europe that we share with you are those that captivated your attention, be it for its beauty or its characteristics. Also, do not forget to share your experience, in case you have visited any of the areas in previous opportunities.

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