3 ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary

3 ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary. Even if a few years have passed since your big day, the memory of every detail will have remained well impressed on your mind. From the wedding dress, you can remember even the smallest insect to the last wedding favor that you may have realized with your hands. Celebrating the anniversary will thus be a way to remember those good times. And to once again promise eternal love, and maybe you could do it by putting in place these wonderful 3 ideas!

1. A photo session and video interview3 ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary

If you liked your dress so much, the wedding anniversary could be an excellent opportunity to wear it a second time. And to create a special post-wedding photo session. The idea is to recall the original ceremony celebrated on the wedding day, re-proposing the same setting. And then returning to the site of the first outdoor shooting with your photographers. A leap into the past that will remind you of every little detail of your wedding. Giving you the chance to relive those beautiful emotions for a second time.

But you could also decide to make new shots without necessarily wearing wedding dresses. And also choosing a different place from that of the wedding day: a new place symbol of your new life together. Photo reportage style , with spontaneous and light tones, would be ideal for this type of session, which you could also add a short. And a nice interview about your married life, questions to which everyone will answer separately from the other. It will be fun to see and hear what your partner will say! Also, you could end the interview in a truly romantic way by adding a small phrase of love or dedication to addressing to your beloved husband. It is one of the best ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary.

2. Renew the promises in an exotic place3 ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary

Another way to celebrate your anniversary could be to renew the promises in a completely different place, far from everyone and everything. Maldives, Seychelles, Canaries, or any place you think is the right one to celebrate this fantastic occasion are welcome. You could organize a small symbolic ceremony on the beach using personalized promises in which to insert  funny wedding phrases that remind you of little anecdotes of your daily life; but not just phrases for wedding anniversary, the idea is to write and dedicate to your half even romantic phrases written by your fist or chosen among the poems of your favorite author. Certainly, you will create a truly impressive and solemn ritual that will make you retrace every moment of the great day lived a few years before. It is one of the best ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary.

3. Dinner in the family3 ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary

And if you do not want to celebrate and celebrate alone there is always the solution of a pleasant family dinner! Moreover, in the event of a silver or gold wedding, it will be really special to share such a unique moment with loved ones, especially if there are already grown up children who will take part in it. You could also ask them to prepare short speeches in which they will be able to describe the most significant moments of your family history, as well as to pay homage to you with beautiful and heartfelt sentences for 25 years of marriage or 50 depending on the occasion. We are sure that your dinner will end with many moving moments but above all with warm and warm laughter.

Whatever is the way you choose to celebrate the anniversary of your wedding do not forget to express to your partner always some words to describe the beautiful moments lived together so far. If writing is not in your ropes you could always dedicate a few sentences for marriage or romantic and famous quotes of prestigious names such as Shakespeare for example. So let yourself be inspired by the great literature and you will see that the result will not disappoint! It is one of the best ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary.

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