Flavours You Must Try for You Next Shisha Party

Shisha at parties is a common sight now. You can find people sitting around the Shisha on the floor or furniture and smoking one by one. It is the best way to have fun with your friends and spend a weekend. And people find it way better than smoking cigarettes, and there is less suffocation for non-smokers—even if they can try it. So it’s not difficult to find a Shisha shop nowadays, and you will also find several brands selling Shisha online. It doesn’t matter where you buy it; choosing a good brand and the shop you buy from is crucial.

One of the best parts of smoking Shisha is the variety of flavours it has to offer. If you have never tried the exquisite flavours of Shisha, you haven’t enjoyed the smoking experience to the fullest. This article will list the popular flavour of Shisha for the last couple of years. And these flavours are best for beginners.

Best Shisha flavours you can try


You can try this flavour if you are new to Shisha. This taste is too good to be true, and you can taste them when you start smoking. It is a rich flavour for a dense smoking experience. It also leaves a spellbinding fragrance at the place you smoke.


You can try this with confidence. Yes, mango tastes the same as the one you eat. It has a delightful taste of sweetness, and you will feel like you tasted a real mango. You will get the effect of the Shisha and the feel of drinking mango juice. Some people think that mango is not a good option as a flavour for Shisha, but if you check the Shisha shop nearby, you will find the mango flavour at the top of the shelf.


Well, after blueberry and mango, how can oranges be left out? It is quite popular among beginners and as well as regular smokers. This flavour will take over your taste buds with a tropical punch.


Coral grape and flawless white grape is the best choice for grape lovers. The thing about grape flavours is that they can be mixed with other flavours—and it still tastes good. So, the next time you attend a Shisha party, try mixing the grape flavour with some light flavours, and you can surprise your friends.

These are the top flavours the beginners can try, and there are a few more that you would like to try, such as:

  • Peach
  • Passion fruit
  • Bubble gum
  • Double apple

These flavours will surely bring the effect to your taste buds. You can also mix these flavours and make a new one.

If you think these are the best flavours and the best in town, you’re mistaken. There are more flavours than you can imagine. You will see a variety of flavours when you visit a Shisha shop in your city. Several flavours became famous in 2019. Do you know which are those flavours? They are listed below:

  • Al Fakher Mint
  • Fumari Ambrosia
  • Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave
  • Nakhla Double Apple
  • Starbuzz Blue Mint

These are some flavours you can try after you come out of the amateur stage (just kidding). Though some flavours might feel strong, you will get accustomed to them. Many more flavours are available for you to choose from, and they all will taste as good as these.

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