Four tips for choosing jewelry to wear and match it!

Every woman knows well that one of the secrets of elegance is in the correct combinations of clothes, and in knowing how to combine colors to perfection. However, it is even more difficult to match the jewels with your outfit, or simply to know how to choose the jewelry that best suits your complexion or style. The risk is to focus too much on the classic, and thus appear too “old-fashioned”; or try to bring out your own personal style, at the cost of overdoing and obtaining the opposite effect. Here are some tips to make no mistakes and get the most out of your jewelry!

jewelry to wear


Earrings are an essential accessory for every woman. We all wear them, whether they are large, inconspicuous or colored. But what not many know is that the earrings have a direct effect on the way our face appears to those who look at us. Take the case of elongated earrings: they are definitely not recommended for those with an oval face, because they highlight the length of the face, making it appear less regular than it actually is. They are perfect, instead, for those with a round face, because they manage to highlight their features more. A general rule, then, is to never wear too showy earrings with showy necklaces: you risk nullifying the effect of both accessories and seem out of place.


There are many types of bracelets: from the thinnest to bangles, much more voluminous and showy. In addition to personal taste (the bracelet more than many other accessories can help you understand your style and say something about the personality of the wearer), it is important to choose them according to the size of the wrist. Circle bracelets, not very thick are perfect for highlighting thin and harmonious wrists. If not, or if for some other reason you prefer to cover them, choose wide band bracelets. The simpler bracelets are also particularly suitable in combination with colorful and lively dresses, while the thicker ones go very well with an evening dress or a more elegant and refined outfit.

Gold or Silver

This is a difficult choice. Net of personal tastes, here too there are some basic rules that can be followed to match jewels according to their characteristics. Yellow gold is undoubtedly the most traditional metal, and never risks going out of fashion. Besides being an evergreen, it is also extremely versatile, because it adds an extra touch to any type of complexion. For those with brown or green eyes and warm reflections, yellow gold will make them stand out even more.

Silver, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for those with a pale complexion and blond or otherwise very light hair. It is a metal that easily matches all types of outfits, especially if you wear bright colors or a total black or total white look.

Precious Stones

The stones give an extra touch to any accessory. Although their charm is undeniable, it may be difficult to understand how to wear them. If you are undecided, opt for aquamarine: it is a stone that looks good on practically everything. It is extremely versatile, it adapts to any type of complexion (further enhancing the pale complexions and making the darker skin stand out).

The etiquette requires that diamonds should not be worn during the day (separate engagement rings). Rules aside, diamonds are a touch of class that suits all women, and that stands out on any outfit, especially when paired with a white gold or platinum setting, which gives a more elegant touch.

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