Quizzes on instagram: The new stickers for the stories

The latest news created by the developers of Instagram is a sticker that allows multiple-choice questions to be asked of followers. It is found in the Stories mode and is used in a similar way to the other adhesives already available, while the potential uses are many: they range from simple personality tests to actual prize games.

A new type of content is coming for the Instagram Stories: a sticker that allows you to test your followers with quizzes and multiple-choice questions to be placed directly in the ephemeral photos uploaded to the sharing platform owned by Facebook. The company announced it last Tuesday through social media, starting to spread the news starting from the latest versions of the app for Android and iOS; users are instead starting to see questions flock in friends’ stories starting these days.

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Instagram: how to use Quizzes on instagram

Quizzes on instagram

The operation follows that of the other stickers in the Instagram Stories mode. To find the functionality just take a picture or load one from the role of the smartphone. Then press the button for the stickers; among the many presents for some time, in the updated app versions you can find a sticker called a quiz. To set a question, just give it a title and define the first two possible answers.

At that point, you can enter other options by pressing the add button while pressing the end button finalizes the setting of the questions. Finally, like any sticker, the frame can be resized and rotated at will in the photo chosen as the background.

What they are for?

The potential uses of the new functionality are many: users can use it for simple home-made personality tests or test their followers on aspects of their lives. Those who have a larger group of followers such as brands and influencers may instead decide to set up real prize games by giving exclusive mentions and experiences for those who answer the questions correctly. As usual, the creativity of the users will decide which direction the newly introduced novelty will go.

How does it work?

A new sticker comes to Instagram Stories officially after the application was testing it with a small group of users for a few weeks. This is the «Quiz» sticker, which allows you to interact with followers directly.

The new Quiz sticker opens the possibility for companies to organize contests in Instagram stories.

Both ordinary users and companies can use it to ask questions about themselves or any question, offering up to four possible answers, one true and three false.

You just have to select the sticker «Quiz» on Instagram Stories. Doing so opens the option to include a question. For example, a user could ask “What is my favorite color?” And offer three options: Red, Blue and Green, for example, only one being the right one. The minimum number of possible answers is two.

The user could see how many and who of their contacts have answered that question, as shown in the attached image.

Quiz Sticker

This new sticker represents an opportunity for companies to interact with their followers and develop contests on the platform. For example, several Stories could be published with a question in each of them, in such a way that the followers who could all get a certain gift.

The problem is that, for now, the counting of the winners should be done manually, because currently there are no programs or applications that allow managing the information generated by these newly released stickers. But it may just be a matter of time before this functionality appears and others to get the most out of these stickers.

The new Quiz stickers have just been released around the world and will be available to all Instagram users over the next few days.

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