Hobbies to take up in retirement

Retirement is a wonderful time when you start to get some time back for yourself, rather than having to spend a vast amount of your time at work building your career. It can be a time when you can reconnect with old friends, spend more time with your family and even take up a hobby that you have longed to do, but never had the time. Once you have settled into your retirement, perhaps after a move into one of the Gloucester Park Homes that you can find at places like http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park-homes-gloucester-gloucestershire/ take a look at some ideas of hobbies that you might like to take up in retirement.

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Allotment gardening – allotment gardening is a great way to meet new people, grow your own delicious fruit and vegetables and to spend time outdoors. Often there are not enough hours in the day during your working life to be able to dedicate to an allotment, but retirement gives you time during the day to tend to your produce.

Hiking – now whilst this might sound strenuous, hiking can be incredibly enjoyable for people of all ages and it doesn’t have to involve steep mountains and hills. Getting out and about is a wonderful way to stay fit in both your body and mind. Walking helps with your mobility, your muscle strength, respiratory systems, and your cardiovascular health. Make sure that you have a good quality pair of walking boots to help prevent injuries and problems from occurring with your feet and ankles.

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Travel – if you long to visit new countries and locations then retirement is a wonderful time to do this as you do not have to try and fit this in around your children’s school holidays or in the four weeks holiday allowance that you get each year. You may also find that in retirement you have more savings and disposable income to be able to spend on your travelling journeys.

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