How to replace ray ban lenses?

Depending on the type of Ray Ban glasses you have, you can use a few different ways to replace your lens. The easiest way is to buy new lenses and install them by a professional. This will cost more than other methods, but it provides an easy way to get new lenses without doing much work yourself. There are DIY options available for those who don’t want to spend extra money on getting their lenses replaced by professionals. The replacing ray ban lenses cost will depend on the type of Ray Bans you have. To replace the lenses, read below for instructions and tips about how to do so!

How to replace ray ban lenses?

You can easily order replacement lenses for your ray bans with our online lens replacement service. We use this information to create a custom set of lenses for your glasses, which will be shipped directly to you within 5-7 business days. To check if your current lens needs replacing, look at them from afar and decide whether they have any signs of wear or tear. The model: rb 3447 is a great looking pair of sunglasses.

Step 1 – Remove the screws

First, you’ll need to remove the screws that hold the temple pieces together. To do this, use a small Philips head screwdriver and carefully unscrew each of the four screws around each temple piece. Note that some models have more or less than four screws. It depends on your model of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Step 2 – Take out the old lenses

The second step is to take out the old lenses. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws, then gently pull them out of the frame. You may need to use your fingers if they’re difficult to remove or stuck in there. If this happens, it’s okay. Just be careful not to scratch or damage them!

Once you’ve removed both of your lenses and cleaned off with a cloth (make sure they’re clean and dry before beginning), it’s time to install new ones!

Step 3 – Install the new lenses

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your new replacement lenses. The first thing to do is ensure that all the screws are in place and tight. If they are loose, use a screwdriver to tighten them down. Also, ensure that you’ve installed the new lenses into their correct slots, as shown in our illustrative diagram.

Step 4 – Put the screws back on

You’re almost done! Put the screws back on and make sure they are tight. Be careful not to strip any of them, as this will make it difficult to take them apart again in the future. We recommend using a screwdriver slightly larger than the screw head, so you don’t end up scratching or damaging your glasses while applying pressure with your fingers.

Once all the screws are tightened, put the glasses back together and check for alignment issues before moving on to step 5. If everything looks good here, move on to Step 5, where we will look at quality control checks that should be performed before wearing our new lenses or sending them off for resizing or replacement if necessary.

Step 5 – Quality control check

Before wearing your new glasses or sending them off for resizing or replacement. If necessary, you should perform a quality control check to ensure they are properly aligned and ready for use. The easiest way to do this is by looking at yourself in the mirror while wearing the glasses and comparing them to your natural eyesight.


With this guide, you should be able to replace your lenses and have them back in no time. If you have any questions about our services or products, please contact us at any time!

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