Mother’s day crafts to amaze your dearest person in the world

Do you want to make a gift to your mother to celebrate Mother’s Day and you have a little budget? In addition to cheap and original gifts, you can choose to make them yourself: make Mother’s day crafts! A unique and much more special gift that you can also take advantage of to spend time with the little ones in the house. We leave you five simple ideas and that will be a sure triumph.

You do not have to be especially skilled at making precious crafts that will delight and triumph for Mother’s Day. You just need to follow certain basic tips and be very fond … besides being realistic: better to choose a simple option of crafts than a more complicated one. The simple can be more successful, especially if it is done with love.

Mothers day crafts

Mother’s day crafts

In today’s post, I have several Mother’s day crafts ideas that will fill your head with inspiration so that you can leave Mama enchanted. In addition, it will be a gift made by you, beautiful and very economical. These mothers’ day crafts are going to love you.

Eva rubber calendar

Another very fashionable material is eva fashion, do you sign up to make a calendar with it? It is useful for many years since the year is not used and it is used by passing each day and month by hand. A personalized gift that you will love.

A bouquet of paper flowers

The flowers are another sure hit, but they get blighted very soon. And if we make them from paper so they last longer? They can be made in many different types. In general, they are very simple. A bouquet of flowers, a path of daisies at home, let your imagination fly and surprise your mother!

Paper bracelet

Crafts are also a way to recycle. We can take those abandoned magazines at home after having read them and make with their leaves a nice bracelet like the one shown in the following video. Too easy!

Handmade key chains

Another craft that results in a nice and useful gift is this: make a keychain. You can use it for the keys of the house, the car or to collect it. Do it with rubber eva and heart shape, but you can do it with the shape that you like the most.

Paper hearts

Let’s start with a simple detail! Show your love to mom with these paper hearts. You can make a letter to express everything you feel for her and leave it as a surprise in some strategic place.

Cute modular cube

Make a modular cube with messages and put a gift inside. In addition, being a nice package, it is also a very interesting decorative object. Also, if your mom works she will love having it on her desk in the office.

Pink crepe paper

You can make a very original bouquet and the best thing is that you will never die. In addition, you can make different colors to make it very striking, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Felt heart

A detail made with a lot of love and felt the heart. Where you put it will look beautiful to decorate. Do not hesitate to start doing it because it will be the gifts that you will like the most. Making the heartfelt.

Wrinkled flowers

You can make many flowers of different colors for that party that you have prepared since they are perfect for decoration, you can put them to other details.

Card Pop up of hearts

Make this cute pop up card to show all that love you have for that special person.

Magazine flowers

Use them to decorate mom’s favorite spaces. The kusudama flowers are very easy to make, they are also very pretty.

Special sign

Make a sign with a special message. The process is very easy, mom will be surprised that you did it.

Magic cube

A nice detail, also super fun as it works like a game, magic cube Do something funny!

Endless card

You can make the endless card with messages and photos of the whole family. He will enjoy it very much because it is a message of love that never ends!

Surprise Box

Fill it with photographic and candy reminders or a little gift. The surprise box is our favorite.

Scratch and win

A fun way to give a gift to mom. Hide it and before giving your gift, give the card to be excited and feel curiosity will be very happy with the letter scratch and win.

Ecological portrait frames

Find a nice picture of yourself where you are with your mom and give it to her in this cute picture frame, it will be memorable.

Squash card

It’s a squash card with a special touch. It is perfect to tell the story of your birth and to remind you that you are grateful for giving you the most wonderful gift in the world.

Easy Scrapbook Album

All the memories in one place, it’s very simple, you only need imagination and desire to do it.

Cascade card

Surprise mom with a cascade of photographs. It is very easy to make, it is also perfect to give to your best friend.


Inside you can keep a little note, candy or money. Put all your wave.

Rotating card

Turn it to turn to read the messages!

Scrapbook Ball

With detail inside and also to decorate the space of mom.

Pop up surprise card

A different detail is a very dynamic and interactive card. In addition, your mom will have to move a few lashes to access the message.


More than an album, a photo diary. In addition, it is very easy to do, you will be surprised!

Card slider tab

Pull the tab and … surprise! A simple perfect card to give as a gift on a special occasion.

Box with drawers

It is a special way to deliver gifts. Your mother will not imagine everything you can find in this beautiful stepped box.

They are fantastic to beautify your cards. Finally, I hope these Mother’s day crafts ideas serve you well and your consent to mom.

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