Reasons to take a road trip

Vacations come around but once or twice per year, and we all love to spend our hard earned time away from the 9 – 5 grind in different ways. The problem is that we each tend to rely upon one particular style of holiday a little too much – think how about many people you know who, year after year, head off to the exact same vacation they went on last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Have you become one of those people? That’s why, today, we’re going to throw the map wide open and look at the reasons to take a road trip.

But before you pack up your troubles in your new overnighter and ride, ride, ride, take note of where to find a local personal injury lawyer. Why? Because when traveling, you are more likely to succumb to slips, trips, and falls – the new terrain, the new sights and sounds, the new things to do, it all adds up to potentially running into personal injury issues. With that being said, let’s move on to our break down of life on the open road.

Re-engage your mind

This first benefit won’t make much sense until you’re actually out there in the wild and experiencing things first hand, but it’s certainly worth mentioning upfront because it’s the most un-talked about but most important thing to look forward to. What are we going on about? In essence, you live your life on autopilot. The drive to work, the same Tuesday lunch you had last week … without even realizing it, you probably even like to park in roughly the same spot at the supermarket. Your life becomes less a series of decisions and realizations and more a chain of unmemorable repetitive events.

The cure is getting out of your comfort zone while still being in your rather comfortable car. A road trip. Looking out for road signs. Noticing monuments and buildings and other places of interest as you go by. Getting lost and having to turn around and find your way. Your brain won’t know what’s hit it.

Do more of what you love

When you decide to spend your vacation driving from hotel to hotel, the road is your oyster. There’s no need to spend the second night of your trip in the hotel bar watching the mediocre entertainment laid on by the hospitality team (another Tina Turner tribute act, no doubt). There’s no need to dine at the nearby restaurant even though it’s French cuisine and you hate French cuisine. You can literally plan a week or two of the things you love.

For example, New York is 90 miles from Philadelphia, which is then only 101 miles from Baltimore, which is then only 38 miles from Washington DC. That’s four cities. Four days. Four opportunities to do something in those cities that you can’t do anywhere else.

Road trips aren’t all just driving at night while needing a toilet break. Road trips are your chance to flood your vacation with lifelong memories.

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