Reducing your Costs of Fuel in the Home

Heating costs are rising and many of us are looking for ways to reduce the costs of the heating as well as still managing to keep the house warm. Knowing what to do to keep the boiler working efficiently and to maximise the heat in our homes is important and can help to save a fortune on heating. Here are some things to be aware of…

Draughty Rooms – If you have a cold draught coming in the chances are you are going to be using more fuel to make heat. Stopping these draughts getting in is a good way to save some money on your heating. Rugs, thermal curtains and draught excluders are all fantastic ways to limit the cold air getting into a room. Also keep doors to rooms closed to keep the heat in.

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Pipes – The cold weather can cause damage to older pipes or pipes that have been previously damaged. This can lead to inefficient heating or costly repairs. Replacing damaged pipes with modern ones like Watkins and Powis copper pipe is a good way to improve this. You can also get some lagging for pipes to help protect them from the cold.

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Faulty Radiators – You might notice that your radiators are not heating up properly, or that they are only partly getting warm. This means that there may well be air trapped inside them and they need bleeding – this is something that you can easily do yourself. However, it is worth having the boiler checked as well by a professional to make sure there is not a more serious fault.

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