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The advantages of team-building exercises

Everyone has heard stories about a company team-building away day that went horribly wrong, but what about the stories of the benefits they bring?

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According to the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, teams are increasingly becoming the key building blocks within forward-looking organisations.

Teamwork is therefore becoming an integral part of any business, as management looks to replace independence with interdependence, creating collaborative relationships and a shared purpose to drive outcomes. By developing the skills needed to work within a team, channels will be created to transfer knowledge and information, and individuals will see their own contribution and job satisfaction increase.


How to create these teams and an environment of cooperation, from the planning stage to carrying out processes within the company, is a challenge for any business, and that is why they are increasingly looking to outsource part of the task to organisers of corporate team-building events.

For a team to perform well, and feel like a collaborative unit, members need to work within the group towards a shared goal, and not simply carry out individual tasks which are checked at team meetings at irregular intervals.

By taking your employees out of the work environment and presenting them with new challenges they do not usually encounter, you can help to create the feeling of being in a team striving for a single outcome and improving communication skills. There is now a wide range of companies offering all sorts of activities which promote these skills.

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These can include indoor or outdoor activities such as painting, mini sports days, outdoor pursuits, survival exercises or even tank driving days such as those offered by www.armourgeddon.co.uk/tank-driving-experience.html.

These exercises not only create an informal atmosphere and help to break down workplace barriers, they also concentrate on more serious issues such as problem solving and building trust, which enhances communication skills.

After utilising knowledge successfully outside the workplace, individuals will often return to their workstation with increased confidence and able to play a greater part within the team in the future. By boosting morale and self-worth, you will be improving the performance of your company.

By ignoring the apocryphal stories and booking a team-building away day, you could be making a wise investment, especially if you tailor it to fit any specific issues within your team.

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