Four Spray Booth Filter Considerations

A spray booth filter may be viewed as just a piece of material to trap paint overspray. And while this may be true, it is also an essential tool to stop contaminants from entering the atmosphere and potentially ruining a paint job. That is why there are a number of things to consider before choosing a spray booth filter. Below we take a look at four factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing which spray booth filter is right for you.

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How Long Will They Last?

Most spray booth filters come with a test sheet showing approximately the amount of material that filter is able to hold. It follows that the more material the filter can hold, the longer it will last between filter changes. A good-quality spray booth filter will last three to five times longer than a standard product.

Not only will you save money by buying the filters with less frequency, you’ll save on disposal fees as you’ll be disposing of them less frequently than you would with a standard product. It is important before disposal to determine whether your filters should be classed as hazardous waste so you can dispose of them in the correct manner. Companies will be able to increase production as well, as they’ll be able to produce more product in a given time.

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How User-Friendly Are the Filters?

This seems like common sense, but the filters you buy should not only function correctly but should be easy to install and easy to change, like those found at https://www.dustspares.co.uk/spray-booth-filters/.

Is It the Right Size?

It is essential that before you begin the process of replacing your filter you accurately measure to ensure that you’re buying the right one. Filters can be cut short, which means that air can bypass the filter and then stick to the fan blades, causing them to operate off balance. This can then result in vibrations within the system, which can then damage other components and loosen electrical connections.

Do They Work with a Majority of Coatings?

If you have a spray booth that is working on a regular basis, it is possible that you’re using different coatings daily. It is therefore essential that you know that the filter you have just purchased works with a majority of coatings; otherwise you’ll be wasting your money.


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