The basics of a website

Virtually every business will have some kind of web presence and the scale of the website and the functionality that is needed will depend very much on the type of business as well as the budget they have available for a Web Design Yorkshire company to create a site for them. If you are looking for support with building a site go to https://www.etempa.co.uk/

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There are essentially three key elements to creating a website and these are having a domain name, a server to host the website on and the website itself. Websites usually have the main aim of making a company more visible so that they can be found when customers and potential customers are searching for particular keywords and phrases on the internet. In order for this to happen your web design company will ensure that all of the necessary SEO elements are included in the technical and content areas of your website.

A website is in essence a collection of pages that will contain written and pictographic content relating to the functions of the business. This may be a simple directory of the types of work that the company works in, particularly if they are a service business. Product businesses tend to have more complicated websites that act as virtual shops with images and descriptions of the products and a payment gateway that will allow customers to buy items directly from the site.

A web server is a computer that is connected to the internet that effectively hosts the website in a virtual sense. A web design company will usually have access to a server in order to host the websites that they create for their customers.

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A domain name – this is the website name that you type in for the business. Most businesses will incorporate their business name somewhere into their website address. The ending of your website name will usually be determined by whether you are a national or international company. It is important that you check that you desired website name is available and this can be done via a number of domain name companies or is something else that your web design company can advise you on.

Once you have these three elements in place you are good to go and can watch the enquiries come flooding in as people start to find you on the internet.

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