The health benefits of playing netball

It goes without saying that exercise should be factored into our everyday routines if we are to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Here we take a look at some of the health benefits – particularly for children and young adults – that playing netball brings.

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Start them early

It is a known fact that playing netball – especially from a young age – can help children to develop healthy bones and achieve all-round fitness. From netball training drills to competitive matches, netball players are some of the fittest in the sporting world.

Encouraging agility

Sitting in front of a console, tuning into YouTube and gaming on tablets obviously won’t provide the same flexibility and agility as taking part in netball games and netball training drills.

Assisting flexibility

Playing a game such as netball and taking part in those all-important Netball Training drills is perfect for flexibility. Both require the ability to react quickly, change direction and keep focus; in turn, these develop player flexibility. Interestingly, this encourages a healthy brain – one that can make super-swift connections to coordinate the body on the court.

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Stress ball

In today’s fast-paced world, stress levels are at an all-time high. This is why playing a game such as netball is so important. Exercising helps the body to produce endorphins, which remain in the body for a few hours after the game has finished.

Keep on running

A standard netball court is 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. You may not think it, but playing netball offers a fabulous cardiovascular workout. The average player – and more so for the player in the centre position – will cover a significant distance during a game.

Hand and eye coordination

Passing the ball to team players using a variety of different throwing techniques naturally develops hand to eye coordination. An example is a high pass, which sends the ball over the opponent’s head and requires the thrower’s teammate to jump to catch the ball. Another example is a chest pass, which is a fast throw at chest height. A bounce pass is one from waist height that involves a single bounce on the ground.

Learning to cooperate

This great life skill is well demonstrated by netball players, who must cooperate to attack, defend and score goals.

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