How to wash your van

How to wash your van

A van is a big investment for any business and is an asset that needs to be looked after. With some care and attention, it will last your business for years.

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It also says a lot about your business. It is a visual representation of your brand’s values. A scruffy dirty van is not going to convey a very positive message! Therefore, it is important to keep your van clean.

Washing your van exterior

According to the car experts at the New York Times, salt from the roads is a particular issue as it encourages the oxidation process that causes rust.

The best way to remove salt and other environmental contaminants from the surface of your van is with a special vehicle shampoo. Harsh household cleaners will do more harm than good. Use a soft sponge or a wash-mitten to apply the soapy water and work it into the dirt gently. Start at the roof and work downwards. It is vital that all of the soap is washed off so use a hose or several buckets of clean water.

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The wheels require particular attention as they can get filthy from dust produced by the brakes and from the road surface. You cannot clean warm wheels effectively so make sure that they are cold. A power hose is the best way to remove dirt from wheel-arches but an old cloth and an acid-free cleaner is best for the wheels themselves.

Cleaning your van interior

It’s a good idea to protect the interior of your van and make it easier to clean by installing a Speedliner from a supplier such as https://www.vehicle-accessories.net/interiors/van-linings/speedliner-euro-fr/. It will make cleaning much quicker and more effective.

Start by removing any loose mats and take out any old bottles, food wrappers and general rubbish. Use a vehicle vacuum cleaner on the carpets and fit the brush attachment to clean the seats. A crevice attachment is useful for areas between the seats.

Fabric mats can be shaken or vacuumed but rubber mats can be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed. The vinyl/plastic interior surfaces can be cleaned with a special vinyl cleaner. Don’t forget the windows – a glass cleaner is best because it does not leave streaks. Finally, pop in an air freshener to give it that ‘new van’ odour!

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