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Tips for Office Cleaning

Face the issue of office cleaning, you can see how easy at first glance, but the more we delve into this area, more and more complications appear. Within a company, there are many people who travel and activities that are carried out. So everything usually gets dirty and mess up quickly, is difficult to maintain the cleaning for a long time. This is why many companies prefer to outsource the service. And hire specialist companies in the sector to take care of keeping everything clean. However, there are others who prefer to hire cleaning staff that is 100% dedicated to developing that work in the company. In both cases it is required; knowledge, planning, organization, and adequate materials and supplies, which allows the toilet.

To carry out an excellent cleaning system is important to know several important details such as How dust can significantly affect the work in the company ?, What are the best techniques for cleaning different areas or furniture? O What are the most suitable cleaning products?

Tips for Office Cleaning

The importance of doing away with dust

The elimination of dust is very important and goes far beyond an aesthetic task since this type of dirt triggers several problems such as the transmission of microorganisms that can be causing illness or sick leave, allergies and the failure of some type of machine or facilities due to dust accumulation. Dust is a common trigger. When asthma or allergies get worse due to dust it is said that one has a dust allergy.

Very tiny insects called dust mites are the main cause of dust allergies. These mites can only be seen under a microscope.

The dust in the home or office may also contain small particles of pollen, mold, clothing fibers and fabrics, and detergents. All of these can also trigger allergies and asthma.

Therefore, it is recommended to finish the dust with a vacuum cleaner, feather dusters, and some type of cloth with a quality cleaning fluid, making sure that no residue remains and performing the action with great care without causing damage.

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How to clean furniture, computers, telephones

Furniture CleaningOffice Cleaning

If the furniture is melanin it is best to clean with a damp cloth of a neutral detergent. If it is made of solid wood, it is advisable to use wax or silicone sprays to maintain the shine and keep them for longer. It is one of the best tips for Office cleaning.

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Cleaning of Electonic Artifacts

It is recommended that phones, besides being cleaned. Be disinfected because they are a means of easy spread of diseases. Since they are in contact with the oral route, increasing the chances of infection.

The computers are simple to clean with a microfiber cloth slightly moistened with water and coarse neutral detergent.

To clean the monitors it is recommended to turn off and disconnect the monitor. And use a neutral product or bialcohol to avoid damaging the screen, never pour the product directly on it, but always in a damp cloth. It is important to be careful with the dust, as this being dragged can scratch the screen.

Microfiber cloths and rags are the best for cleaning, as this material is absolutely ecological, cleans four times more than ordinary ones, absorbs more dust and water, is hypoallergenic and effectively eliminates dirt, bacteria, and microorganisms. This makes it ideal for those who suffer joys and to avoid the spread of diseases in the office.

As for the products, the neutral ones that keep the surfaces intact will always be perfect. Always accompanied by a good disinfectant and silicones to give the necessary brightness to each furniture.

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