Vegetarian recipes ideal for the holidays

Vegetarian recipes ideal for the holidays. In  January the calendar is usually marked by several meals and unavoidable dinners where you may, on more than one occasion, play host. In these dates, the consumption of products of animal origin is usually the usual, however, to elaborate a vegetarian or vegan menu with which to succeed is possible. Whether you are vegetarian, or if any of your guests are, the original recipes we propose below will make your dishes match up to any Christmas card that includes meat.

Fig salad with toasted almonds (Vegana)Vegetarian recipes ideal for the holidays


-1 lettuce

-4 figs

-150 g of almonds

-Extra virgin olive oil

-Balsamic vinegar with Pedro Ximénez

-Old mustard


-Wash and chop the lettuce (you can buy it chopped or make your own mix if you prefer that there is more than one type of leaf)

-Wash and cut the figs into four pieces each

-Pour some olive oil in a pan and toast the almonds on both sides

-Arrange all the ingredients in a bowl, mix well

-As a dressing, prepare in a separate bowl a vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil, the Pedro Ximénez balsamic and the old mustard. It is one of the best vegetarian recipes.

Zucchini cake (vegetarian ovo-milk)Vegetarian recipes ideal for the holidays


-4 zucchini

-3 eggs

-100 ml of liquid cream for cooking

-1 tablespoon of butter



-Candied tomato.


-Preheat the oven to 180 ° C

-Wash and roll the courgettes into thin slices

-Melt the butter, beat the eggs and mix together with the liquid cream

-Season the mixture and add the rolled courgettes

-Grease an oven-proof container, pour the dough and cook for 30-40 minutes

-Remove from the oven and let the cake temper. With the help of a kettle, cut individual portions and serve on a bed of tomato confit (optional). It is one of the best vegetarian recipes.

Lasagna with prawns and spinach (Pescetariana) Vegetarian recipes ideal for the holidays


-12 sheets of pasta for lasagna

-150 g of fresh spinach sprouts

-100 g of broccoli

-200 gr of prawns (peeled)

-Olive oil

-Crushed tomato

-½ onion

-1 carrot

-Curry (or spices to taste).


-Cook pasta for the time recommended by the manufacturer

-In a pan, sauté the prawns with a little oil, salt, and pepper

-Saute the broccoli for a couple of minutes. Reserve

-Make a tomato sauce with onion and carrot, season with a little curry and go through the blender to make a thinner sauce

-Arrange the pasta on a flat surface and dry with the help of a cloth or kitchen paper

-Wash the spinach sprouts

-Alternate a plate of pasta with another broccoli, prawns and spinach sprouts. Add a new plate, another filling and finish with a last layer of pasta

-Cover the lasagna with the tomato sauce and serve at room temperature. It is one of the best vegetarian recipes.

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