What Are the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases that Call Centers Handle?

Lawyers are burdened with the meticulous task of investigating and building a winning case for their clients. Their jobs are incredibly time-consuming and require a high attention span, cognitive abilities, and emotional intelligence. Law firms outsource the case intake process to call center companies. By delegating this process, they can reduce their workload and work efficiently on incoming cases, as they will have all the information required before meeting with clients. Call center companies contacted by potential clients are well-versed and trained regarding the appropriate questions to ask, the procedures to be followed, and unique law firm policies. They can seamlessly gain and transfer information from client to lawyer. Most of these call center companies, such as Legal Conversion Center, help lawyers with personal injury case intake. They are trained in many personal injury cases, some of which are stated below.

Personal Injury Cases That Call Centers Handle

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents include cars, trucks, motor vehicles, or Uber/Lyft accidents. The company collects information regarding the accident, details of the injuries, and insurance information. They ask the clients to share any information that might help their case and make a record file that easily communicates information to lawyers. Which is a wonderful way to vet if this client will work for your firm. They will be able to lay out all the details provided to make your case easier.

Slip and Fall

The company gathers information regarding where the incident occurred and how unsafe the conditions were. They will ask if this happened on public or private property and who the property owner was. The call center agents will jot down injuries were sustained, what type of evidence was gathered, and insurance details. They are thorough and guide the client regarding gathering evidence to ensure that helpful information is relayed.

Abuse and Trafficking

These cases are quite sensitive and require an elevated level of confidentiality. You want to make sure to have professionals that will manage this case with care. While many clients feel uncomfortable talking to someone in person, they will likely open up over the phone where they cannot be seen. Call center teams are trained in trauma-informed responses and dealing with such clients with utmost care. They maintain confidentiality and privacy and do not prod triggered or traumatized clients beyond their limitations.

Medical Malpractice

Case intake involves gathering information on the hospital and the staff working on the client’s case. They will go over when the medical malpractice that took place, injuries pertained, and documentation of the client’s time there. These cases are evaluated meticulously to ensure that incriminating evidence is not unnoticed. Details are important with these types of cases; you don’t want anything to slip through the cracks. The skilled team of call center agents will make sure the case will be laid out for your firm efficiently.

Nursing Home Abuse

It is usually family members who reach out to report such incidents. Sometimes clients don’t know where to begin when they start reaching out for help. They help guide them in gathering the information required to build a case. Then, all cases of abuse and neglect, mishandling, faulty medication, or inadequate care are recorded. These call center agents will make sure that these clients feel heard during this stressful time. You will be able to read out the case and make sure it’s something your firm can handle.

Benefits Of Outsourcing to Call Centers

The greatest benefit is saving time. Lawyers have a lot to juggle at once, and it can become difficult to manage old cases with new ones. However, outsourcing will allow the flow of new business even on holidays or vacations and reduce the chances of missed opportunities due to lack of time. It can eliminate interruptions throughout the day. A constantly ringing phone bell can be frustrating and break your focus in important meetings or while working on a case. Since a call center manages all calls, you will only receive information. The expert agents will do an excellent job at building relations with these clients, enhancing your company’s image and ensuring a loyal customer for a long time.


Case intake services are incredibly professional. They are personalized to each firm and well-trained in handling sensitive cases and clients. Your business will grow with little to no cost paid. You will be able to take on clients that you didn’t have the time for before. The call center agents will be able to create case plans and send them to you. Leaving you without having to stress with taking care of the details.

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